Friday, July 27, 2012

Crewcast Radio Broadcast 10: The First One With Broadcast 7

In this episode Ray and I (Randolph Lalonde), discuss Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework after I thank some retired podcasters for giving me a major hand and holding them partially responsible for my online rambling, submit our popularity report, and I talk about a recent blog post where I cast out the whiners and thank the supporters.

Our discussion about Broadcast 7 doesn't spill precious beans (meaning there are no spoilers), and we feature music from the Omega Experiment  (iTunes Link)at the end.

Thank you for listening!

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Saturday, July 21, 2012

Crewcast Radio Broadcast 9: The One With All The Characters!

We discuss all the characters in Broadcast 1, and wander into topics including: Artificial Intelligence’s love for Birdhouse In Your Soul, character romance that never happened, I name the perfect actress for Stephanie Vega, what the podcast was supposed to be called, and how things get cut from the series all the time. 
Music in this episode is provided by Bif Naked! Check her out at and and on iTunes!
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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Crewcast Radio Broadcast 8: The One With Resurrection And A Drunken Toddler

We continue where we left off in Broadcast 7, talking about Ayan, resurrection, and why we won't be volunteering for teleportation anytime soon.

Other topics include: Pitfalls of cloning with reference to Expendable Few, Broadcast 4, Black Abandon vs Broadcast 1: Resurrection, an opinion on time travel, Sons of Anarchy, Wheel of Time, Broadcast 8, and a good drinking experience.

Our tune this week is Seven Seas Blues by Monster Truck - Check them out on iTunes!

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Thursday, July 12, 2012

The Twisted SciFi Interview Part 1 of 2

In this half of an interview with Twisted SciFi, I reply to questions about the categorization and form of Spinward Fringe, how I became a science fiction fan, the roots of my story telling habit, early rejection letters, my reading list, influences and more. Brought to you by the Crewcast Radio Network, this is my most favourite interview!

I'd like to thank Twisted SciFi for giving me the chance to prattle on, and working with me on doing this in audio instead of text.

You can find Twisted SciFi on Twitter: @Twistedscifi and check out their website:

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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Broadcast 7 Update - Brace Yourself

It takes years to write a good novel. I released many of my previous works before they were ready. As a result I've been subject to well deserved, and not well deserved criticism alike.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework marks the end of a 1,150,000 word journey, and I need this to be the best book in the series, the most enjoyable to write, and the most enjoyable to read.

These days I'm inundated by people who don't realize, or refuse to acknowledge that it takes years to write a good novel. The comments section of this blog was assaulted by sixteen people just today.

To them, I say: Suck it up, buttercup. If you're still interested in reading Broadcast 7 when it comes out, fantastic. If not, that's fine with me. I wonder how you'd feel if I sent scathing emails several times a week to your job asking; "ARE YOU FINISHED YET?!?!" Your bitching won't make me write faster.

Every single one of your comments has been junked, you won't see them on this or any of my other blogs.

To the people who have been kind and patient all this time, I owe my gratitude and it's for those people I produce a podcast with the help of a few fantastic friends. I feel sympathy for those folks, as I announce that the book will be late, because they are exactly the kind of reader a writer wants to entertain for life.

I am happy that I released the Expendable Few, which was a result of working on Broadcast 7 - there were stories there that wouldn't fit in that book, so I put them in context and voila, Expendable Few.

Now, to the core of the matter:

I'm not going to make the August 14th, 2012 date, it's just not possible. The story is too big, the novel is large. It is the book that ends the Spinward Fringe series in its current form. There will be other Spinward Fringe novels - Broadcasts 8 and 9 are in development as I write 7, but so much of what I've been writing about for the last 880,000 or so words comes to a close in Broadcast 7. The best update I can give is that I'm writing every day, and I enjoy what I'm doing.

Keep in mind, I want to finish this book too.

It's just taking longer, see the apology above.

I have some of the greatest readers on the planet, and I hope you stick around for the end, it's going to be everything I wanted it to be.



It's official! Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework has been released early thanks to the hard work of editors and the EBook formatter working on the project.

Here are the links so far!


Amazon (US):
Amazon (UK): 
Amazon (FR):

There's much more info in the podcast:

Saturday, July 7, 2012

Crewcast Radio Broadcast 7: The One Where George Lucas Retires

George Lucas
George Lucas takes a well earned retirement from big biz to get busy in his garage, we wish him luck.
This podcast starts with a conversation already in progress about beloved entertainers who refuse to retire, retired then changed their mind, and finally comes to the man we initially decided to talk about, George Lucas, who is certain about his retirement. I make a huge mistake several times by referring to Frank Miller as Frank Frezetta - OOPS - then we move on to Ray's review of the $99.99 Kobo touch. Spoiler alert: he takes no prisoners.
The rest of the episode provides a rare walk through of the Spinward Fringe novel that was never written between Broadcast 0 and Broadcast 1 - and Ray had something to say about that book's absence.
All in all, it's a great beginning to our discussion of the Science Fiction world, and the beginning of Broadcast 1, which will continue next week.
We have the pleasure of presenting another tune from Walk Off The Earth this week, it's called Money Tree. We just can't seem to get away from this band, and it seems the world is falling under their spell as they continue their tour. Check them out at
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Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Crewcast Radio Broadcast 6: The One With Luke Alberton and Heavy Humour

Ray's eBook reader when it was new and shiny.
You’d think that this is the eReader to avoid, but Ray has something else to say…
With the help of our first special guest, Luke Alberton, we discuss gay characters in the Spinward Fringe universe, the production he and I are cooperating on, Ray does a quickie review of Ghostrider 2, his ancient EReader, I referee a session of Ray’s tips for the apocolypse, then we play some Vegan Black Metal Chef. We had a blast, almost literally!

This episode is on the low side for Spinward Fringe content, but this is just the deep breath before 3 wall-to-wall, almost nothin’ but Spinward Fringe broadcasts. This is also the first episode where I finally start talking about a project this Production Studio is producing. Some serious behind the scenes becomes front and centre, enjoy!

Music for this episode was provided by the Vegan Black Metal Chef. If you like what you hear, check him out!

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