Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8 Content Roundup For July - August 2013

Work on Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8: Renegades is going well, and I'm very happy with the first half. The second half is well underway and part of it has grown past my expectations into something I'm really enjoying.

The Facebook Group has gotten a lot of early access to insights about writing the novel, the cover, which was announced there while I was designing it, and snippets from the book. After another reader asked about the release date, I thought I would gather all the information and freebies about Broadcast 8 in one place.

To start with, there's the cover! I hope you enjoy it, there are a couple things hidden in the clouds. The 3D model was licensed, and the background is a heavily re-touched image from NASA. After composing and 3D rendering was complete, it only took a couple days to come up with a final version. 

Now, for an update on the release date. I can't pin down a specific date yet, since the draft isn't complete, but I can tell you that the goal is to release it before the end of 2013, much earlier if possible. Pre-orders will be available when a date is available at every retailer except for Amazon.

There is an ample preview available, totalling in eight chapters, as well as a short story that may not appear in the novel, but is part of the canon. There won't be more material for preview, but the links to everything that's come out are below.

So far this novel will be larger than anticipated, and I've enjoyed writing it more than the Expendable Few and Broadcast 7. So far there are over forty chapters, and I'm just getting into the second half.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me by buying the books. You'll hear more from me soon on the Spinward Fringe Podcast and other free things coming in your direction!


The Atlantean Decision: Short Story -

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8: Prologue -

With Greater Awareness Part 1:

With Greater Awareness Part 2:

With Greater Awareness Part 3:

With Greater Awareness Part 4:

With Greater Awareness Part 5:

With Greater Awareness Part 6:

With Greater Awareness Part 7:

Oh, and there's a podcast network, but we're all on break right now or recording new shows for our second seasons.