Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 15: Pursuit Is Available Today


That's right, after being serialized on Patreon, Spinward Fringe Broadcast 15: Pursuit drops today everywhere in EBook form. I know, there wasn't much fanfare leading up to this book's arrival here on the blog, but I've had my head down writing two books at once, then concentrating on polishing Pursuit with little time to spare.

This book follows the events of Broadcast 14: Rebel, and deals with the complex aftermath in the Haven System while two pilots who are stranded on a new, urban post-apocalyptic world (Dame and Easy), try to find a way to tell Haven Fleet where they are or get a ride back home. Meanwhile, Alice and Noah (Carnie), continue searching for real resistance groups and the elusive Mary Reed.

All the while a group of Order of Eden Knights, the Justicars, are looking for Alice, following a clear order given to them by their Admiral: "Bring me a Valent." In this book that takes us into the minds of the most important characters in this phase of the series, the fight for dominance over a corner of the galaxy called 'The Cluster' takes several steps forward. With the Haven System at the centre of The Cluster, the stakes couldn't be higher.

I'm happy with this novel and I hope it shows in the journeys the characters take and the care that my editors and I took to polish it. Look for a special note of thanks at the end.



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