Thursday, September 25, 2014

The 2014 Spinward Fringe Auction - Week 1 of 3

As I began packing for another move, I realised that my personal shelf of books was becoming more worn every time I cart my belongings from one end of the city to another. Not only that, but people want these copies on their shelves much more than I do.

I'll be honest, I could use the extra money to help cover the expenses of the upcoming move, which will the second this year. The home I'm in now will be sold by the landlords any time. I understand why this is happening, and don't blame them, but I still didn't see it coming, and it's going to cost me.

Back to the happy occasion of this auction...

This is an event auction that will last for three weekends. Each weekend, starting this Friday (September 26, 2014), a selection of books from my personal shelf will be put up for auction. These are the first versions of these books, meaning that they have not been re-edited like the upcoming re-releases in 2015. Many of these books are out of print, so this auction is your last chance to get your hands on copies. 

Every book will be signed. Every book has lived on my personal shelf with me since they were initially released, so they have shelf wear, it is very noticeable on the older books, so I took some very clear pictures so you know what you'll be bidding on. Every winning auction will arrive at your door with a signed letter from yours truly. I'll be using EBay for each auction.

There will be a draw when all the auctions are over, but the items you can win in the draw are not as interesting or desirable as what you'll find in the auction.

The first auction starts on Friday, September 26, 2014, here are the items up for bid.

The First Light Chronicles - (First Amazon Printing)

A full set of First Light Chronicles novellas from the original Amazon printing. These have been out of circulation for years. These books in particular have been on my shelf since they became available, and there were only 7 copies of this version (the Olive Green Cover Version) printed. All these books are signed. Out of print.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 1: Resurrection (Amazon Printing)

This is an early printing of Spinward Fringe Broadcast 1: Resurrection. The new version of this book is due out in 2015, and there will be significant differences in the text. I read through this personal copy several times over the years, but made sure it remained in the best condition possible.

Out of print.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 5: Fracture & Braoadcast 6: Fragments SET

This set is signed, and spent years on my personal shelf, and I have to admit to looking at them often while I was writing Broadcast 7: Framework for encouragement. 

These books will still be in print until minor revisions are made to both and they are re-released sometime in the future, so they are not rare.

These copies have been signed and are from my personal library, that's what makes these special. The winner of this item will also receive a signed letter addressed to them personally.


I'd like to thank everyone who participates in this auction in advance, good luck!