Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Spinward Fringe Continues and Big Things Are Happening On Patreon

Part 12 of the Spinward Fringe Broadcast 11: Revenge preview is up, and it's starting to feel like the novel is being serialized, when it's really only half-ish of the book. It's not terribly hard to ignore by just avoiding Patreon for a while or to limit (by reading the free stuff only), but it's still wroth a discussion.
This book is still being written, and it's the most difficult Spinward Fringe novel to date, but also the most rewarding. It's taking a LONG TIME compared to my other work, but not long compared to novels of it's type: Particularly the type of novel with three strong, novel length stories within. I don't feel bad for how long it's taking, and I'm thankful to everyone who has stuck around.
The importance of this novel to the series has come up in spades in the chapter available to people who subscribe to my Patreon page. Today they're getting a chance to comment on a chapter before it's finalized and perhaps change the course of the series with their opinions. I expect good things, to be honest, and I'm proud of where the series is going right now, but I want to hear more opinions.
Here's the link to the Index, where everyone who is following the free chapters that are released every Saturday will find Part 12, and subscribers (who get 2 chapters a week), can find Part 17.

Much more to come this month, so stick around, friends!


Wednesday, January 24, 2018

The Spinward Fringe Broadcast 11: Revenge Preview Continues!

Work on Spinward Fringe Broadcast 11: Revenge continues at a steady pace, and, as I originally intended, it is it's own novel instead of a build up to Broadcast 12. After the first few Broadcasts, I tried to make sure that each Spinward Fringe novel had it's own feel and major event while moving the bigger story forward. There had to be a good reason for each book to exist in the series, they had to present some kind of new situation or idea that moved the greater story forward and helped the characters develop.

It took a while for Spinward Fringe Broadcast 11: Revenge to develop that, but it finally has. I'm having a great time writing this tome and the pace of the writing is only picking up at this point. You can see a great big chunk of it here, through the preview that's titled: Alice's Revenge. There are more than half a dozen free parts, with a dozen parts available for Patreon subscribers.

More and more, it's becoming evident that Spinward Fringe Broadcast 10.5: Carnie's Tale is as important as any other part of the series. Only a few characters develop in that book, but those developments and the backstories that support them are important to the series going forward. I'm happy with the storytelling in that book too, so it's a good thing some of the characters are sticking around. A few other things from Broadcast 10.5 are going to come up later in the series as well, which was always the plan since much of the book was carved from Broadcast 11's rough draft.

While Broadcast 10.5: Carnie's Tale is a great volume on its own, the story didn't get along well with the pacing of Broadcast 11, which is break-neck for the most part, and Alice has to go through a rite of passage that she wouldn't be ready for if it weren't for the events of Broadcast 10.5. So, if you are still wondering where the book following Spinward Fringe Broadcast 10: Freeground is (and according to emails I'm getting, there are a few of you), it's in Spinward Fringe Broadcast 10.5: Carnie's Tale.

If you finished Broadcast 10.5 already, Broadcast 11 is happening now on Patreon, but I understand if you'd rather wait for the finished book. It's on its way, and I'm finally happy with what I have so far, so thank you for your patience!


[Chaos Core hasn't been forgotten either. There's good news coming!]

Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Spinward Fringe Continues With The Broadcast 11: Revenge Preview!

Despite a few issues that were caused by yours truly, Spinward Fringe Broadcast 10.5: Carnie's Tale is a success. Sure, it didn't chart high, but over a thousand of you downloaded it and the reviews are largely positive. Thank you so much.

A few typos and minor errors weren't caught before it was uploaded, so an update addressing those will be posted next month, you can update for free wherever you bought the book.

Right now I'm working on Spinward Fringe Broadcast 11: Revenge, which is due out at the end of February. That doesn't mean that you have to wait that long to read it though. Chapters are already being posted on my Patreon page. Every Saturday a free chapter will appear, with subscribers getting a bonus chapter every Wednesday. We're following Alice's journey through the novel until it comes out. For the sake of Patreon, I'm calling the serialized preview Alice's Revenge. You can find the Index here.

Spinward Fringe and everyone who loves it has kept the roof over my head for nearly ten years now, and as we approach the tenth anniversary of the series, I'm going to concentrate on delivering more content in that universe. I'm constantly tempted to work on other projects, and in 2017 I gave in, finishing a lot of work on two role playing games before completing the first part of an epic fantasy series I've been imagining for over twenty years, Highshield.

Rounding out the year, I decided to develop characters and settings that I knew I wouldn't have room for in Spinward Fringe Broadcast 11: Revenge. Many of the chapters in Carnie's Tale were cut from Broadcast 11 because they wandered too far from the main story, and wouldn't have seen the light of day if it weren't for this side project. I'm proud of what that turned into, and I'm glad to see people like it in general.

So, that brings us to the main point, and the next two Spinward Fringe Broadcasts, Revenge and Invasion. The development of these novels has now taken over two years, and over twenty chapters have been written then cut (including content that reappeared in Carnie's Tale and in a short story on the Patreon page), representing some disappointing false starts but good ideas that led in the wrong direction for Broadcast 11. There are great stories waiting to be told in these books and the one that will follow Invasion, but digging down to them has taken longer than anticipated. Now, I believe I've got an outline I'm happy with for Broadcast 11 and Broadcast 12 is in great shape too. It's all I'm working on, and for the tenth anniversary of Spinward Fringe it's all I want to work on. I want to celebrate 2018 by moving the story forward in meaningful, exciting ways, and by wrapping up storylines before moving on to a new era in the Spinward Fringe universe that will see a crossover with Chaos Core and much more.

So, until my holiday and afterwards I'll be working on Broadcasts 11 and 12, and you can get a great big piece already.