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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Saturday, January 31, 2009

Quarantine: Another Zombie Movie

This will be short.

The performances in this film range between good to fantastic, sadly this is just another zombie film. The shaky, on the scene style of filming that combines basic cinematography with the Blair Witch Project and it's effective while being terribly cliche and the fact that the "good guys" don't gear up like Rambo is a pretty nice touch too. There's also a payoff at the end that's not half bad.

Sadly the only thing good about this film is the acting, other than that this is just another zombie film. I'm numb to them now. Like the ghoulish, mindless, boring villains themselves, zombie flicks have been multiplying and spreading across our screens threatening to mark the first decade of this century as the shambling decade of horror.

The plot of Quarantine is uncreative, predictable and unworthy of the performers who put their best efforts in. If you love zombie flicks, then spend some time watching this, yet another example of how Hollywood in unintentional collaboration with numerous European studios can flood the market with mediocre genre films until absolutely no one is watching.


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Neil said...

I just saw Quarantine yesterday! I agree with your review, but I would be a bit more favorable. The shaky hand-held camera was used to better effect than in Cloverfield and Blair Witch, although I always prefer a steady cam. Shaky cameras are ALWAYS detrimental to a movie (especially Quantum of Solace).

There were some very great shots when the camera was sitting on the floor, especially in the final scene. Jennifer Carpenter sure knows how to play paralyzing terror!

The plot was unoriginal, but it's refreshing to get a zombie movie that isn't campy for a change.

Anonymous said...

the story is unclever and just goes to show how dumb the characters are..