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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Big Bang Theory: The most anticipated Sitcom of 2009?

Nerd-dom can be funny. Does this mean nerds all across the globe are being reintegrated into society? Are nerds dating supermodels? Are home decorating shows recommending sealed action figure collections? No, we still like to stick to our own. Supermodels and nerds are generally so different that it's like Gumby trying to talk to Darth Maul. And sadly, massive displays of packaged action figures are still only cool to about 2% of the population, maybe less.

That doesn't mean that nerds can't be funny. Toss a lovely, well socialized blonde into a group of four nerds and they can be uproariously hilarious. Thanks to brilliant writing, fantastic acting and comic timing this show has risen above all other situation comedy shows as far as I'm concerned. Each character comes with different quirks; Raj can't speak to women unless he's drunk, Howard is a nerdy Jewish stereotype, Shedon is, well, Sheldon, Leonord is almost normal but awkward and Penny is well socialized and easy going.

The combined characters provide a great deal of hilarity while bringing up an encyclopedia's worth of nerd culture references which, I must admit, are right up my alley. The show has made it to mass popularity status, becoming the highest rated situation comedy last year. It's actually quite rare that my favourite shows reach that kind of mass appeal. I loved My Name Is Earl, Reaper as well as the American version of Eleventh Hour and they're all canceled.

CBS has ordered a full season of the Big Bang Theory thanks to its high ratings, so thankfully we can all look forward to another year of nerd comedy that appeals to a general audience. It's like they're building a bridge between nerds and everyone else!

The season premiere for the next season of The Big Bang Theory is on Monday, September 21.


[So, which Big Bang Theory personality fits you the best? Leonard, Raj, Sheldon, Howard or Penny?]

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