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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Friday, September 11, 2009

Whatever Happened To The Spinward Fringe TV Series?

Some time ago the SyFy channel's President stated that, even though they've green lit Stargate Universe and Battlestar Galactica derivation, Caprica, he didn't believe that they had their next great space opera program.

So, being the bright eyed optimist that I am 1% of the time, I announced on their forums that Spinward Fringe was that space opera.

I invited people who watch this site to participate, lending their support to the thread and a few people did so despite the drastically dropping popularity of the ailing SyFy channel.

As I expected, the executives don't visit the SyFy forums unless it's a thread attached to an established television series, and even then it's a very rare thing. Let's face it, they're far too busy making existing and future shows happen to visit the General Topics section. That's all right, I didn't expect to get the attention required for anyone at the SyFy channel to give me a call and hear a pitch or five. It was only the first step.

In a post on the SyFy boards I took the opportunity to thank the board regulars and supporters who posted on the forum and update everyone on what's happening with the Spinward Fringe television series.

You can check that out here: on the SyFy Channel forums.

Suffice it to say it'll be a very long time (I assume), before we see the Spinward Fringe series adapted for the big or small screen but that's to be expected. It takes a long time and a lot of effort to get in touch with anyone who can make that kind of thing happen the right way, especially for an independent on the outside of the industry like myself.

That doesn't mean it's impossible. I'm beginning the initial work for a screenplay before Christmas and I'll be developing it throughout 2010. That'll most likely take a year. In the meantime I'll be building a contact list, submissions addresses and getting ready to enter contests that lead to development contracts. There are two such contests in Canada alone, so I'll be looking for others until 2011, when I start submitting.

Why will it take so long?

The answer is simple.

I'm not going to let this slow down what's most important to me and most of my readers: writing new Spinward Fringe books and improving my craft. Writing is my first love, not hobnobbing and submitting.

Even though I know submission time is far off and results (as well as the various rejection letters I'll be recieving), are a great distance off, I can't help but momentarily muse on what a producer would have to say after discovering how many books there are.

Considering I already write the books like a high profile television series or series of movies, it would be very interesting to see what industry pro's would have to say. To be honest, I'd much rather hear what my readers have to say, however. You're the ones who really matter, after all.


[What do you think of Spinward Fringe as a television show? Would you rather see it as a monthly TV Movie? Or on the big screen as an annual film? What flavour of Fringe would you prefer?]


amarshall said...

Defenatly a Movie series, honestly ive seen to many great books get reduced to trash when they make the cross over too a tv series. True, it does happen to movies as well but its not as dramatic of a change and i think movies can include scenes that are alot more graphic thus allowing more of the original content. The only worry i have as a reader is that i would like the movie to be as accruate as possible to the original books. i have seen to many great books that have to a great following of readers flop on the tv due to Hollywood changing just about everything in the plot. That being said, if i had millions to spend on a film i would deffinatly want to make this one, and i would allow you to make descisions on behalf of keeping the story and characters acurate to the original books.
Best Books ive read in a really long time, keep them comming.
A, Marshall

ihatefanboys said...

A TV show would be better. The end of origins plays out like a season finale. I think a TV show would introduce it to many more people needed for a feature film to be successful. Just my opinion.

Unknown said...

It's been a few years and I'm still hopeful. Has HBO, Hulu, or Netflix been considered? My concern is that this series would fall the same fate as Game of Thrones. Great start, but as the show caught up to the books, the author gave control to the screen writers. I would hope to see the series finished before being made into a show/movie, but it where to start production today, I'd be in my seat waiting for opening credits.

Luke Morse said...

Would love to see SF as a tv serial. It's too much story for feature film unfortunately, and it would need to be handled with care. It's a better premise than many recent sci-fi ventures by big name companies so it should stand a chance.

I've been waiting so long to hear news on this. Guess I'll just while away time building Regent Galactic on Star Citizen in the meantime. (Not that I really want to be RG, but someone has to make the bad choices.)