Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Spinward Fringe Forums: To be or not to be?

Over the last few months a few readers have asked if there's an active forum for the Spinward Fringe series. Some of them have followed digital bread crumbs to the SyFy channel boards, Kindleboards and Mobileread, but weren't satisfied with what they found.

I'm left wondering if I'm seeing the tip of the iceberg. If these few readers represent a larger number of people who are looking to discuss all things Spinward Fringe. Beyond that, one reader asked if there was a speculation thread for the Dark Arts series, which is picking up readers like an electromagnet in a staple factory. I have to admit, I'm against speculation or fan fiction threads for many, many reasons (legal, creative, and quality control being just three), but I would love to see pretty much anything else discussed.

The Internet thrives on open discussion, and I'm all for it, but only if there are enough people to keep the forum active. So, if I get thirty votes for a forum and three comments from people volunteering to be moderators, then there will be a forum. As far as I can see, that's about the minimum any forum needs to remain active.

If the forum vote doesn't turn out well, there's no need to despair. Allan started a thread here on and commenting on this blog is always an option.

I'm lucky to have readers like you who take a minute to tell me what you want, it makes running a website and connecting with people a lot easier. Thank you for making yourselves heard, please keep it up by voting on the right.


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