Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 6: Fragments - Now @ Barnes & Noble

At long last, this book is available at Barnes and Noble. Keep in mind that you can get the exact same file at since they're the distributor. Also keep in mind that if and when there are updates performed on this book (a couple minor grammar / continuity updates are planned for the end of the month), B&N will update 3-4 months after they're done at Smashwords. Sadly, distribution still moves at a snail's pace even with eBooks. I know many readers like to stick with one retailer, however, so I'm glad you'll be able to pick it up at B&N.

So far people have really enjoyed this book for the most part, except for one reader who didn't understand that heroes can't always get the upper hand. Many of the problems the characters face are more realistic in this Broadcast, ranging from bureaucracy issues to crew members that can't conveniently be ejected from the roster because of timing and surroundings. We also get to see how different characters handle situations in the absence of Jacob Valance's influence, which made things very interesting for me as a writer.

This book has only been available for a few hours, they haven't even added the cover image yet. To say that I've been watching and waiting would be an understatement...

I hope you all enjoy this book, and take a spare moment to write a few words about at B&N or wherever you pick it up.

Here's the B&N link.


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rramsey718 said...
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rramsey718 said...

I picked up this series after downloading the origins at B&N. That led me to Smashwords where I obtained all of the fringe volumes.

The series has the most of the earmarks of a space opera BUT, the challenges and setbacks that the protagonist face can put an emotional spin on a character.

The character development from the initial origins set of volumes to the fringe volumes has progressed nicely overall (maybe a bit too much angst in there with some of the characters.)

The way technology is used comes as a pleasant surprise in a few of the scenes involving major characters. Some may think it's a bit of a stretch but this is the future.

All in all, I have thoroughly enjoyed reading the entire series and am looking forward to the next installment (hint...hint...)

Thanks for putting together a thoroughly enjoyable read.


illumian84 said...

any news on when the next one will be arriving?

Randolph said...

you'll find that news by looking at more recent posts...