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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Looking The Elephant In The Eye

When Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins became free at and, a lot more readers joined our crew. Since then I've been inundated with private messages, emails, reviews, Facebook messages and more. The attention the series is getting is great, and I'll get back to everyone, it'll just take longer than usual.

Several of the emails I receive regard formatting and editing issues. Aside from a recent problem I didn't know about when a couple of books were migrated from Mobipocket to Amazon and the Kindle version got mulched, I was already aware of the issues.

With the extra attention the series is getting, comes a bigger royalty cheque I'll have access to in about three months. With a new budget on its way I set out to find a firm that would format my eBooks professionally with an editing team that does work for big and small publishers. This morning I made a deal with a firm that can deliver everything I need on the budget I'll have.

The first book they'll be working on is Broadcast 7: Framework when it's finished sometime in March. By September the entire Spinward Fringe series will be in their hands and new versions will start appearing between then and October.

Aside from the removal of one scene, the entire series will remain the same with respect to plot, technology and characterization. There have been a few reviews and correspondences that criticize technologies in the books, and I will only respond by saying that every single technology has been researched, and aside from a correction made last year, I stand by the technical details in the books. Engineers, soldiers and mathematicians alike have all enjoyed the series, and I've even had a little help from time to time when I had questions from these fantastic professionals. When in doubt, I find someone smarter than myself and crack a book. On a final note regarding that issue, I've never presented Spinward Fringe as hard science fiction. My research is done with the purpose of presenting a strong setting.

As for anyone who doubts characterization in the books, well, aside from one scene that will be removed in the final edit of the series, I stand behind that too. I can honestly say I've created these characters from people I've known, situations I've experienced, and decisions that have been made historically during times of adversity. The most amusing criticism I've seen about characterization was about a pair of characters that were irritating and potentially harmful. The reviewer found them so obnoxious that they seemed to take it personally. FANTASTIC! Leland March and his partner in crime were supposed to be annoying, difficult to remove and clearly selfish. I've met those personalities under different names in my life several times. Those are the most realistic characters in the entire series, and I know at least one reader who can't wait to find out what happens to Leland March next. That's right, Leland has his very own fan simply because he's annoying, selfish, and thinks he's the hero of the tale.

The books are selling better than ever, and I'm absolutely astounded. In return I'm using a great deal of that money (thousands of dollars), to hire professionals who polish books for New York Publishing houses for a living. Every New York publisher does it with every book they put on the shelves, and I love the series so much that I can't resist submitting it to the same treatment. It's the least I could do to honour the series, you the reader, and to show my gratitude.

Everyone who already owns a digital copy of the books will be able to update to the new editions for free once they become available. As for the print versions, I'll be pulling them off the shelves. When they reappear the price will be set so I'll only be making about $1.00 each. Why? Print is expensive, too expensive. If you're getting an unsigned copy, it shouldn't be at an inflated price.

I'm very grateful to everyone who has read the series, and there are other things in the works for Spinward Fringe. With very few exceptions I'm blessed with an outrageously cool group of readers.

Thank you,


[Now, back to work on Broadcast 7!]


Ken said...

Absolutely can't wait! Read the free Trilogy and then had to get them all. Love the series and the style of writing, it gives just enough to entice the reader into wanting more. Hope you continue the series a long time and someone sees the light, making this a TV series. Have a great day and God bless!

Tim said...

These books are great! I agree with a ken, this should definitely be a TV series. Back to the books, please keep writing. I haven't come across this entertaining or addictive since I read Asimovs Foundation series.

BTW - I've read them all and can't wait for 7!

Thanks for writing these,

Anonymous said...

you mentioned a scene being removed what secne is that?

Randolph said...

I'm well chuffed at hearing that you've enjoyed the series! Here's to more and the series making its way to other mediums (*coff* Teevee *coff*), and I'm doing what I can to give birth to exterior projects without pulling too much effort from my writing.



I'm nigh hell-bent on removing any trace of the intimate involvement between Jake and Stephanie. That was actually supposed to pay off somewhere before Broadcast 7 in more than one place and influence several decisions those characters made, but there was never any room. The A and B plots (sometimes C), have been so dominant throughout the series, and other relationships have been so much more interesting that replacing that with more responsible, interesting character development seems to make a lot more sense.

I'm actually quite fortunate that I have this opportunity to go back, remove that limp bit so I can replace it with more genuine, natural character development.

I hope most of you agree.


Anonymous said...

I completely agree with the removal of the scene with Stephanie. It felt odd, strained and out of character for both. I always wondered what was coming because of it. Made it too important to the full story. I have read all the books and can't wait for 7. I check every week for a status

Jay Ross said...

Oh no, the scene was required, you just can't remove it, it was integral to the dev of several chars, especially ayan! What is life without mistakes and having to answer for them.

Outside of the impossible odds, this is a key confluct which is manageable, and we can all relate to.. The whlle Ayan and Steph downdressing scene is necesary, without it, other than the authority issue, there is no cause for the conflict between the two. Keep it, and work through it... Nothing says make up like arguing over a one nighter...

Randolph said...

Oh, the down-dressing scene can stay, it's easy to earn that conflict without including an out of no-where bonking scene that never pays off later. Ayan and Stephanie don't actually have many reasons to get along.

No worries, I'm not going to pull the thread that reduces the sweater to a pile of yarn.


john said...

you said you were finshing Number 7 in march but when will the book actually come out?

Bruce said...

Don't bother with these trivial question! Just finish Broadcast 7!

And people if you like these books write a review on amazon, to help sway the new reader

JGJones said...

Dear Randolph.

We're the kids of JGJones and we want to complain to you. Daddy got Broadcast 0 from Amazon for his Kindle app. He've been reading non-stop on his phone.

In the mornings he's cranky because he was up late reading. He's not playing because he's reading.

That was a week ago. We want our daddy back so can you stop writing Broadcast 7 so that.....err...ha...ignore my kids ;-)

Not really like that! But I did get Broadcast 0 a week ago. I've just finished Broadcast 6 and damn, it's a great series and I've enjoyed them a lot.

Look forward to Broadcast 7.

Anonymous said...

The Stephanie/Jacob scene is actually pretty cliche. Getting involved with a subordinate right before your old flame surprisingly shows up again. I would expect Stephanie to treat Ayan badly, then get killed trying to save her. Or become best friends. Pretty standard teen drama there. As such it can stay or go.

What really drives the story for me is when you put it in 6 as 'moving from one crisis to another'. They never get a rest.

fabulousfilly said...

I love love love your series. I just finished the last one last night and I was sooooo sad. I came here this morning to see what was planned and I'm so happy you will have #7. Ever since I got my e-reader, I can read so much faster and in the dark too. I couldn't put yours down and read till 6 AM many times. I hope you keep writing for a long long time. I started with the freebie from B&N, but I've become a true fan and love your science fiction. A TV series would be awesome and become Epic. Your characters are memorable and lovable and you just want more about them. Don't forget Alice! She can't be gone for good. LOL

robertwguess said...

i have become a big fan of your series, i saw it mentioned above abought signed printed copies. how does one go about getting a signed copy of your works. i would be very interested in supporting you by purchasing them. thanks so much for your wonderful scifi stories... robert guess

robertwguess said...

i very much love your sci fi series. it brings me back to my childhood spending summer afternoons reading scifi space opera. i saw you mention about signed copies of your books. i woul dvery much like to support you by purchasing them. how is it possible to get signed copies of your works?

thanks so much, robert guess