Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Spinward Fringe Store - Dates & Lineup

The store has taken over half a year to plan. T-Shirt tests have gone awry, and a couple vendors have proven to be downright dodgy.

Meanwhile, contest winners who should have had swag in hand by the end of January have been left to wait... and wait...

After all that I can say with full confidence that the store will be open at the end of June. Prizes will be on their way to the winners in the 4th week. The vendors are set, and the initial products have been decided.

How will the store work? There will be a simple page where anyone can order through Paypal, and inventory will be kept in-house.

I've owned a retail business before and managed another. The biggest difference between what I'm doing here and those experiences is how the store is built. You have spoken, told me what you want, which ideas are terrible, and which you're eager to see become reality.

This is what will be available at the end of June:

Signed copies of Spinward Fringe: Origins.
Samson Crew T-Shirts.
Triton Crew T-Shirts.
Spinward Fringe Booster T-Shirts.
4 Buttons will be released every month for the first 3 months.* (One free with every order)
Military style patches.

Other ideas in development include:
Signed Copies of final edits of each book.
The white scarf.
Fitted T's.
Desk model of the First Light and Triton (this could take a while).
Spinward Fringe: The Spoiler Files DVD / BLU-RAY
The Spinward Fringe Encyclopedia & Role Playing Setting
Bomber Jackets
Spill Proof Mugs

Everything listed above was requested many times with the exception of the Spoiler Files, which are a collection of ideas that were brought up at one time or another. The prices will also be lower than vendors like Zazzle.

The primary purpose of the store is to provide for the requests of the majority of readers. The secondary purpose of the store is to raise funds for developing the Spinward Fringe Web / TV series, which could take years, but at least this is a start. The tertiary purpose is to develop a prop house.

Now that a lot of the kinks have been worked out, and there's a proper plan, things should actually begin to be fun where the store is concerned. I'm anxious to get things out to prize winners, especially since I hate breaking promises.

If you have any requests for the store, please feel free to share them!


*The buttons will have Minh-Isms, other quotes from the books and TV show campaign messages.

UPDATE - JUNE 2: After reviewing the new legal information about Cafe Press they've become an option again. This comes at the last minute, days before I put in a huge order in with a local T-Shirt printer that would offer standard quality and low selection. After reviewing the options, things have changed for the store, and for the better. The launch will happen on time if not earlier. More on this soon!


dodosamuel said...

Excellent! will you ship international as well - to India to be specific!! :)

robertwguess said...

your store idea is pretty awesome...

i am a card modeler. i build scifi models from printed paper plans.

mr lalonde do you have any interest in paper models of your ships. i know there is allready a big demand for paper models on the web.

it would be easy to sell them digitally and make some profit for you.

i know i would by a copy of the trit print out and build at home...

i sincerly hope you pursure this idea in the future.

to get a idea of cardmodels you can hit our home site...

Randolph said...


I'll ship anywhere Canada Post will, and yup, they ship to India! Just keep in mind that shipping is a little pricey - about $25.00 for surface.


I'm familiar with card models, actually, and I might be interested in the future. It will be months, perhaps over a year before I have the source material drawn up, however, as I'm developing the store and everything in it part time. Writing is my full time gig.

If licensing card models is a good idea in the future, you can expect to hear from me.


steamer said...

Hi Randolph

I am a UK based fan and have posted before, would you be interested in setting up a uk based version of your Spinward Fringe store. This would be able to cover Europe and other areas. I work for a government economic agency so have access to advice and experience of staff in supply and services and while I would expect that demand would be low as I have said in posts elsewere I would like to find ways to promote your work.

Randolph said...


Sorry, I'm keeping everything in-house at the moment and I'm not at the developmental stage where I have the time or money to have a satellite site vetted or set up.

Thank you for your offer, which I must admit, is as fishy as an old trolling barge.


dwgregory said...

By all means PLEASE include signed copies of final edits of each book.

Billybrad said...

I want you to know what a dirty trick it was to have the first book on BN for free. Your stories are like crack! Now I can't wait for my next fix!

Jetsers said...

Excellent! Cant wait to get a t-shirt and maybe a singed book or two. Keep us posted.

cmptrwhz said...

First I have to say I'm not a person who likes to read but I was bored and said what the heck I'll download origins since it was free and read a couple chapters while I wait for my kids. Before long a couple chapters turned into several hours. I found it impossible to put my phone down. After finishing your first book in a days time I just had to buy the next book, I had to find out what happened. Next thing I now I purchased every broadcast.

I'm totally hooked on your series thank you for writing such a wonderful series. When will broadcast 7 be released? I feel like a drug addict waiting for their next fix. I'm dying to know what is going to happen next. Thank you for turning me into a reader.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the gentlemen above...I can't wait to see how badly they kick Wheeler's butt. ;P

DR John said...

Great series just finished first 6 books in one strait read. Kindle saved me, haven't had a science fiction book in five years till i bought the kindle. Stranded in the Dominican Republic, can't wait to get my T-shirt.