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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

The Demise Of The Spinward Fringe Series Is Grossly Exaggerated

Thanks to a previous blog post, many people were left with the impression that Spinward Fringe would be coming to a close after Broadcast 7.

That's a miscommunication, it's not over! In fact, I'm sure I'll still be writing Spinward Fringe stories for a very long time to come.

What I was saying was that the current plot lines would be ending in Broadcast 7. Many of the characters would live on in the setting I've carved out over the last three years. Just like a well written television series (imagine one, if you will), many stories come to a close in the last episode of the season. Before the end of that episode you're given a reason to come back for the next season.

In the case of Spinward Fringe, that season begins with Broadcast 8. What do I have plans for? Right now, I have specific plans, preliminary writing and outlining for Broadcasts 8-11.

The release of those books (not the writing), depends on the demand for them. After the last few days I don't think there's a lack of demand, so you can expect to see those books as soon as they're ready.

I may work on something else while working on Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8, however, just to clear my head.

To summarize:
The Spinward Fringe series will not terminate after 7, it will go on.
I'll work on other books between Spinward Fringe novels.
Creative people can be confusing.
There's plenty of demand for the books, so they'll be released.
I'll still be writing Spinward Fringe books long after they've ceased to be popular.
Other books are coming AS WELL, I'm not quitting to write something else (as a few people seemed to think).

I'm honestly a huge fan of Spinward Fringe, and of the readership. The books are getting a slow overhaul so they are more presentable to future readers. With a table top role playing game in the early development stages, and a future laid out that includes the series at every step, I believe it has a future. There's also the anthology, which I'm hoping to begin development on late this year or early next.

Now, back to the Expendable Few and Broadcast 7, which I'm eager to complete so I can get them out to you and start on Broadcast 8.

Thank you for reading, and for joining me on this trip!



Anonymous said...

I like how you've set things out RL, and am really starting to look forward to EF and B7. I'm in the middle of B4, I think, Eve has Gloria's body, Jake is on Pandem, the 4 have just met the spaceport resistance. With any luck, I'll pace myself slow enough for you to get EF out when I'm done :)

I was almost saddened when you said B7 was a complete wrap up story as you had it laid out, until you mention the TV Series idea of it wrapping up more of a "first season". I was afraid you were going to leave these wonderful characters and move on!

But after you explained things, and your plan to actually be a little more focused, I'm stoked! Oh, and I'll buy the Amazon Kindle version, cause I want you getting something out of your efforts :)

Keep up the wonderful stories, can't wait for what's coming.....

James from goodreads

T. Nathan Mosley said...

I honestly would have been surprised if SF was ending after Broadcast 7, especially after you mentioned that it would contain a preview of Broadcast 8 at the end. I must say that I'm very excited for both Broadcast 7 and The Expendable Few, both seem like excellent reads.

Also, I must pester you about whether or not you managed to sift through enough of your Spinward Fringe e-mail to find mine, I am interested in hearing your thoughts about what I sent to you.

Keep up the excellent work, and as always...

Deploy. Dominate. Disappear.
Nathan Mosley.

Diane said...

Thoroughly enjoying the series, annoyingly Amazon have temporarily stopped selling book 6 for an unknown reason - I finished book 5 last night and I am feeling rather at a loss!

As the author, can you recommend another source I can purchase this from? Can't wait for Amazon to sort themselves out, I am too impatient!

Randolph Lalonde said...

Anonymous: Broadcast 4 was an adventure to write, I'mg lad you're enjoying it! Watch the spoilers though, I nearly had to delete your comment.

ShamedShadow: Most people don't follow the blog as faithfully as I suspect you do, so explaining how things will work between Broadcasts 7 & 8 is something I will probably have to do again and again. That's all right though, I'm glad people are visiting at all.

I'm sure I'll get to your email sometime in the next few days. I'm trying to respond to everyone, but it's quite a pile.

Diane: Amazon will be featuring Broadcast 6 again sometime in the next couple of weeks. Until then, you can pick up the .mobi (Kindle), version of Broadcast 6 from Smashwords -

Smashwords is still the best place to download the books, especially since they'll be the first to receive any updates, which you'll be able to download for free.

Thank you very much for making yourselves heard guys & gals!


Anonymous said...

Yes, I've done it: Finished Spinward Fringe 6. But, alas, I read too fast.

I haven't been as glued to the Kindle as I was because I now have nothing interesting to read. I may start at SF 0 and re-read.

Can't wait until SF 7.

Will EF be a full length novel?

Don said...

I have to say this series has me constantly looking to see if the 7th broadcast is out, I think I will just start the series over while I wait as another mentioned. I am about to finish George R.R. Martin's 5th in his series, a great read btw. I find myself thinking about this series and what might be coming next too often, some might say obsessing (like my wife). RL I rank you as one of the very best in spinning a truly fascinating story. Cheers
Don from Texas

Anonymous said...

just wanted to add that I loved your SF books - read all 6 in about 2 weeks, glad to hear that you are carrying on with the series :-)

BigLaci said...

I just finished Broadcast 5 and it was great, i wanted to buy 6 from Amazon but it seems they stopped selling it. :( Will it be available soon, or do i have to buy it somewhere else? I bought every Broadcast from Amazon and i would like to do that in the future too.

I would so love to continue to read the next book soon.

Randolph Lalonde said...

Thank you for reading the series, I'm glad you're enjoying it so far.

I'm very happy to say that a professional formatting house just finished work on Broadcast 6 and it'll be back up on Amazon this week.

Verin said...

I've never found a series so engrossing as Spinward Fringe. I originally found the free version of Omnibus when I was testing out my iPad and now I've read the whole series at least 3 times. I can't even express how happy I am to hear there are a ton more books on the way. Just can't stand the cliff hangers at the end of each novel and the wait for the next one... but then again I think that's what makes it so great!

Steve said...

I have read all the Spinward Fringe books and am eagerly awaiting Broadcast 8 Framework, I keep checking daily for its release and any others in the series, RL you have reintroduced me to reading books. Keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

Love all the Spinward books! It was one of the most exciting series I've ever read. While checking frequently for new releases I am now determined to go back and reread them. Thank you for your continued commitment to bringing us such quality work. Your writing is amazing!

Randolph Lalonde said...

I'm just popping in to say thank you for reading and supporting my work! I appreciate the positivity here more than you could know.

There's a pretty good update on the progress of Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework here -

...and wonder of wonders, it's a podcast episode! If you haven't heard the podcast already, this episode is as good a place to start as any.

Thanks again, I hope this info helps!