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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Thursday, October 27, 2011

World Versus Me - An Indie In Need

I am very fortunate. Thousands of readers have enjoyed my work, and that's bought me time to think, imagine and finally write the two books that will deliver a proper ending (for now) for the Spinward Fringe series. The series may not come to an end, but the plot that's been driving it so far will conclude, and I can honestly say that without support I wouldn't be as far along as I am now, and the series would be what it is now.

Time and opportunity are rare gifts, and I remind myself not to waste them on a regular basis. I'm not going to say that I'm not guilty of misusing one or the other on occasion, only that I try to use time and not waste opportunity when they come along. I appreciate what I have been given.

It's that line of thinking that drove me to support World Versus Me - a musical act founded by David Alvarez - when the money started running out as tracks were being laid down for his latest album. I listen to his other albums regularly, at least once a week, when I'm writing.

David Alvarez recorded his previous albums in a home recording studio. He created some amazing music in that environment, but he wanted to record his next album in a proper studio. When I heard he was recording with higher standards in mind, and taking much more time to work on each track (weeks and months instead of hours and days), I was eager to hear it.

Sadly, he can see the finish line but is a hair away from crossing it. In keeping with true indie form, he's created his own opportunity but has run out of time.

In this case, money buys time in the studio, pays for talented professional mixers and engineering people so his next album can live up to his standards. With a desire to hear what his ambition will sound like when it's realized I took some of the support you've given me as a paying reader and donated it to him.

He's earned it, trust me. There are some scenes in my work over the last year that were written while listening to certain songs from Duel (his second album), and nothing else. If I were listening to something else, they would be different, possibly lesser.

As long time readers know, I don't endorse other artists often, and I don't do so lightly. I truly believe that some of us will be going to see World Versus Me at a stadium show some day, and we can all say that we had a hand in giving him a little more time to take advantage of a massive opportunity.

What I'm asking of you today is to go check out his music. You can find samples of it on his Kickstarter Campaign Page. If you like what you hear, donate as little or as much as you like. Many of the donation amounts entitle you to generous returns, so there's little chance you'll walk away empty handed. The Kickstarter Campaign ends on October 31.

Thank you!


[UPDATE] The Kickstarter Campaign just succeeded in raising the $7,000.00 David Alvarez needed to finish the album. I'd like to congratulate him, thank everyone who pitched in, and wish him luck with the final stage of development! [UPDATE]


A.M. said...

Wow, sounds very good!
I'm definitely getting some of his music.

Steve said...

Thanks for the tip. Good music. I just became a backer :)

Michael Lockridge said...

Indies helping Indies seems to be a theme in the Indie world. That's pretty cool. Maybe a political party? One that spans the globe, mutating for each political environment.

Ah, but I digress. I think passing it on is great. Write on!