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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Expendable Few and Broadcast 7 Release Timelines

Lately I've been getting many queries a day about the release dates of the Expendable Few and Spinward Fringe: Broadcast 7. I've explained what the time line looks like before, and the answer hasn't changed, but I'll happily do my best in explaining once more:

I'm afraid I don't set release dates until the book(s) are out of my hands. For example, the final release date will be set for The Expendable Few when the formatting company is finished and we're reviewing their work. As it is, I'll still be writing new material for the Expendable few until Saturday, since it needed a little more work, so the formatters haven't even seen it yet. So far the editors are very pleased with what they're seeing, and doing great work themselves.

The turn towards producing higher quality, more well finished work has added a lot of time to the process - with more editing, editors, and another company involved in formatting the work, it's hard to pin the date down until things are almost finished.

What I CAN say for certain is that we're less than two months away from seeing the book on Smashwords. It will premiere there, then start appearing on Amazon, B&N and practically everywhere else in the following weeks.

I am sorry things take longer these days, but things have changed since 2008, when I released a novel (of lesser quality) every three months or more.

So, as it stands: The Expendable Few will be out sometime in the next 8 weeks if the editors sign off on it, and the formatting company gets their work done on time.

Broadcast 7 is much further from being finished, BUT it will be out months from now, not years from now.

That's the best timeline I can offer for everyone who is asking.

Thank you for your patience.



KleverKilva said...

snippets? xD

Mac Daddy said...

Star Trek caused my first Space Opera addiction. Star Wars made me a Space Operaholic. But the First Light Chronicles laid me out across the gutters of the Milky Way a Space Opera Junkie. I can't thank you enough Randolph. I'll be cruising the fringes through my Orion light bucket until we meet again on my Kindle.

Thistle Mist said...

great news, i cant believe how your books have drawn me in. its like waiting for a letter from very close friends and your desperate to know how they are doing. i don't want to say hurry up as that would be impolite and discourteous but unfortunately that is the words that are constantly going through my mind every time i pick up my kindle

Mac Daddy said...

edit: Strung me out! Strung me out!

CasinoSteve said...

My definition of reading prior to discovering your Spinward series was a sports page in the men's room (I apologize for the visual). You have helped a man rediscover imagination and a love for space that he thought escaped him many years ago. I'm not for a second going to assume to tell you the reasons why you write, but I will tell you the reason why I am glad that you do....The characters each give us an insight into who we wish we could be and allow for a brief moment our minds to understand that we are capable of wonderful progress when we find the courage to act. Sorry for being sappy, but you have done very well for yourself with this and for your readers. Thank you

Nickolas Pickolas said...

Incredible books! I just finished Broadcast 6 having read all of the Spinward Fringe series in only 3.5 weeks. I love love love them! I've already recommended them to friends and family and can't wait for more to come out. Fantastic work!

P.S. I'd love to see drawings of the ships you've dreamed up - especially the Triton and Overlord.

Don In Alabama said...

I've read all of the previous Spinward Fringe novels on my phone while at work (I am a CNC machinist, so have time to read while the machine is running) and am really looking forward to more!

krista said...

Just discovered your Spinward series because I just got a Kindle and Origins was on the free list - ended up buying the rest of the books the very next day. Looks like I'll be waiting a bit longer for the next one, but it sounds like it'll be worth it. Thanks for the series - I can't wait to see what happens next!

Jamie said...

I got my nook for Christmas, and Spinward Fringe:Origins was one of the first books I downloaded (lets be honest, because it was free.) I couldn't put it down! In the month since Christmas I've devoured the rest of the series. It was almost physically painful when I realized that the next books weren't out! I'll be waiting eagerly to get any books in in the Spinward Fringe sect of books - no matter how long it takes. You've snagged me as badly as Asimov did when I first read Fountain.

James said...

Take your time, man. Write it the way YOU want it written. Ultimately that's what we're here for. I'd gladly wait months for a book worthy of Randolph Lalonde rather than a lesser book rushed out NOW. Know what I mean?

Don't let em get to you.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for your Fringe series. It is a real pleasure reading them on my Nook and I look forward to reading the next Broadcast.

Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed the story so far, I look forward to seeing your dedication to quality, keep it up!

janettiepoo said...

I just started Broadcast 5, and oh my god! I love the books intensely and am so glad to hear that Broadcast 7 will be coming out soon. Thank you for the amazing books!

Anonymous said...

Would also love to see some art work, I would love to get a glimpse inside the ingenious mind of yours!!! Being able to see what was in your head when you thought up the ships would be amazing, especially the Triton!! And a depiction of Freeground would really help to truely know where the characters came from.
Awesome books, and having just read the expendable few, I am drooling with anticipation for Broadcast 7!!!

Unknown said...

I have read the first six books in five days. I enjoyed every minute that I spent reading it. Nowadays I am waiting for the new release to come. This probably twentist space novel that have read and will continue to enjoy till they stop being released. That will be a sad day when it happens.

Anonymous said...

We should put Lalonde in a high-compression wormhole and have him write it. It'll be out by tomorrow. (who gets the reference?)

Randolph said...

I'm just popping in to say thank you for reading and supporting my work! I appreciate the positivity here more than you could know.

There's a pretty good update on the progress of Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework here -

...and wonder of wonders, it's a podcast episode! If you haven't heard the podcast already, this episode is as good a place to start as any.

Thanks again, I hope this info helps!


Arnie Westfall said...

I started ans read until I ran out of books. Then I frond "The Expendable Few"' Salvation for the now almost insatiable reading of the whole series. Amongst all who are waiting for "7"' I proudly join your ranks.
Game of Thrones was a good read. For me, these were better. I have even tried to pace myself. It won't
Thanks for all of the pleasurable hours of escape


Randolph Lalonde said...

It's official! Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework has been released early thanks to the hard work of editors and the EBook formatter working on the project.

Here are the links so far!


Amazon (US):
Amazon (UK):
Amazon (FR):

There's much more info in the podcast: