Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Expendable Few Release Update

The Expendable Few has done well wherever it has appeared so far, and I thank you. It is taking some time to some retailers, however, so I ask that you be patient, or purchase the book on Smashwords.

Why Smashwords? They provide file formats for all readers, any book updates are available immediately for all readers for free, there is no DRM, and they specialize in EBooks, nothing else. They are the experts in the industry. They pay a little more, too - I can't lie.

Here are the links for all the retailers offering The Expendable Few right now:

The book is currently on its way to the iBookstore, Kobo, and Sony.

Thank you very much for your support throughout this launch, I'm doing everything I can to make sure you get access to this book the way you want to.



Anonymous said...

I am a Nook user and had no trouble buying from Smashwords. I like the idea that the writer gets better pay from their book too.

Expendable Few is a fantastic read. The entire series has been great. Looking forward to more!

Randolph said...

What kind of trouble? My understanding is that you use a PC or Mac computer to load books purchased from 3rd party sites (like Smashwords) onto your Nook. You can also use a memory card (again, loading the book onto the card using a computer), and add it to your Nook that way.

Just make sure you download the ePub file instead of .rtf or .mobi.

Thanks so much for your support, I hope you enjoy the book!


Mr. Anonymous said...

Sorry for the confusion. Was trying to say that Smashwords was very easy to use, plus the author gets more of the revenue from the book (as it should be). Highly recommend Smashwords.

Tippon said...

Managed to miss the launch of this one 0.o

Just bought it now, and have a feeling I'm going to read it in one sitting :D

Can't wait for more of your books :)

Rys and Crash said...

I have devoured everything from origins through as fast as I could get it on my Kindle, (it took me a little over a week, but I have littler else to do, heh) you have created my absolute favorite universe and one of the best spacer opera sagas I have ever read. Period. Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me a gift that I can only repay by talking everyone I know how amazing your creation is and passing it on. I am awaiting Framework with barely contained anticipation, keep writing! I will keep buying your books!

Reverend Crash

--/::: CrashN2Me23 :::\--

Anonymous said...

I am about to finish my second read through of all the current spinward fringe novels. Of all space operas and epics of other natures I have never found something so immersive and impressive as this world and it's inhabitants. I have been ranting and raving to everyone I know about this series, lending my kindle to friends to read origins, then taking it back. Every one of them has bought at least up to triton.
Smashwords is a amazing place for eBooks and I will not be getting them anywhere else if I can help it.
I think I may lose my mind waiting for fracture!
Thank you for the hours of enjoyment, Mr. Lalonde.