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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Saturday, September 29, 2012

The Spinward Fringe Podcast Broadcast 18: That Final Auto-Bio Episode In 2012

In this broadcast I tie things up by discussing my love of entertaining people. When you consider the fact that I have stage fright, I'm surprised that there's anything to talk about at all before I started publishing novels online. The other two episodes lead here, and I believe it's the best of the autobiographical episodes.

Everything important ties in, and I offer a real update on Broadcast 7, finally talking about why it's taking so long for this book to be written. The end of the episode is dedicated to you, and I take a moment to answer a couple important questions. There's also a lot of music from some great bands, who you'll be able to find using the links below.

Again For The Win: Guns. You can find them at

Parallel Lions: For You. You can find them at

Universal Hall Pass: Special Agent. You can hear more of their music by visiting

The episode wraps up with The Megas: History Repeating parts 1 & 2. Find more of their music by visiting

Thank you so much for listening!

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khenigit said...

Is there a way we could get updates on broadcast seven without listening to an hour and forty minute podcast?

Randolph Lalonde said...

Thanks for commenting Khenigit!

Pardon my directness, but the only updates that really matter in writing a novel are:
It's being written
It's done. Here's a release date.

I am absolutely happy that people are still asking about Broadcast 7, and that there's still an interest. It's taken a long time to write this one especially since the process has produced a side novel (The Expendable Few, and all the long story arcs wrap up.

Still, waiting can be difficult, I'm a fan of a few things that have seemed to take forever too, so I get it.

The good news is that I'm writing it, and it's going well. That's the most accurate update I can offer.

When there's a release date, it'll be announced everywhere. In the Podcast, on this blog, other blogs, on Facebook, Twitter, and I'll probably burn the release date into my front lawn, just so passing aircraft can see it as well.

Thanks for waiting, I'm glad I could entertain you for a while whether it was through the books or podcast.

It's been great having you as a reader!


Anonymous said...

Hi Randy, Love the podcasts; they're a great way to help me slow down my Spinward Fringe consumption until Broadcast 7 is ready -- which I know will be when you've written the story you want Broadcast 7 to be. I have a question about the podcast's theme song - what's the name of the song??? I really want to download it AND really think you should keep the song for the TV/web series. It's firmly set in MY mind as the theme to Spinward Fringe. Thanks again for the great books.

Randolph Lalonde said...

Anonymous, great to hear from you again!

Thanks for tuning in, and reading along. I'm glad I can entertain you twice - with the written and spoken word.

As for the theme song, I'm afraid I've taken a mis-step there, by licensing a piece of music that isn't available for general download at all, in fact, it doesn't even have a name.

Someone who composes electronic music and sells it through licensing websites composed it and put it up for sale. It cost me about $30.00 to license the tune for my purposes, which is peanuts for a theme song. I'm also not in touch with the composer, which is thanks to the nature of the retail site I got the rights from.

The full length piece is pretty epic, so I'll make sure I give it a play at the end of one of the upcoming episodes. I'm cutting a solo episode tomorrow, so watch for it then.

If you're talking about the opening theme for Where's My Flying Car? then disregard everything I said above. I used that with permission of The Omega Experiment, a great progressive metal band. The tune is called "Gift" and you can find that here: Shakespearean

Thanks for reading, listening and asking!