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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Saturday, December 1, 2012

A Few Thoughts On Broadcast 7 & The Future

I apologize for the rash of late podcasts. Stephanie, Sylvie and I are taking turns getting sick, and we've all been very busy when we're not ill. It's nothing serious, just enough to keep us off the air for a while. That's why I'm not doing my Spinward Fringe Podcast tonight, I'm crushed under a heavy sinus cold. I'm hoping it doesn't last.

You're not going to walk away from this blog post with nothing though, I'll be happy to talk about Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework a little.

So, Framework has been out for twelve days, and it's officially a best selling EBook, reaching number one on Smashwords side-wide (not including XXX, erotica). The book made it to 19th place in the Science Fiction charts on, fourth on, and put me in 12th place in the Science fiction author list on Amazon. Overall, Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework is averaging 4.5 stars out of 5 in reviews across the Internet.

I can only say thank you to everyone who bought, reviewed and hopefully enjoyed this novel. This release has been a great experience, and I hope to release a new book soon.

For the book I knew it was, these results are fantastic. I was aware that Broadcast 7 would be a controversial book, and for two people who loved it, there are two who are still digesting their experience, and one that simply disliked it. Broadcast 7 is a complex novel, and it took two attempts to get it ready to publish. I wrote the whole thing twice, and it took almost three years. The process also produced a side novel called the Expendable few, which features a story I just couldn't weave into Broadcast 7. There was no way to make that fit. Writing that extra novel did give me a chance to explore a differnet style as well, which is something I enjoyed and don't regret.

Everything in Broadcast 7 was carefully considered, especially the parts that survived the first draft. The Victory Machine story, the first flight of the Warlord and a third of the ending all survived from one draft to the next. Those parts were re-written and edited anyway, which made them fit with the rest of the book. The concepts driving this book were the same from one iteration to the next, that never changed. The theme of reunion, which is core to the third and final act in this book was new, it wsa what made the ending woorth reading as far as I'm concerned.

I'm actually glad Broadcast 7 is controversial. No novel of lsating significance is without controversy, and this book had a difficult mission statement. I had to reveal the motivations of several characters, and bring about the end of those stories while leaving an indellable mark on the series that suited the gravity of the story lines that were wrapped up. Why make sure that closing storylines had a lasting impression?

The series goes on, that's why.

In one of my first ever blog posts years ago, I said I'd write the Spinward Fringe series as long as 1) I had stories to tell in that universe, and 2) as long as there was an interest.

Through the sale results above and the way Broadcast 7 finally manifested, I know there's a demand and many stories yet. What kind of stories? Spinward Fringe is a series that can accomodate drama, action and especially adventure. I find that the drama statement is proven in Broadcast 7 more than in any other book in the series. I'm proud of that, but my true love in writing is adventure.

When one of the main characters in act 3 of Broadcast 7 asks Jason if adventure lies in her future, that was very much me asking myself what the next part of the series would look like. He had to tell her that, yes, there would absolutely be adventure. That's where Broadcast 8 is going, back to real adventure writing. My characters have their causes, they have a fresh chapter in their backstories thanks to Broadcast 7, and they have complex relationships that will either carry them through the challenges ahead or drag them back.

Broadcast 8 is the next book I'm working on, and I'm planning it with broadcast 9 and 10 so the three will all have an interesting interconnectivity, and so they can all be a lot of fun to write and read. I've already written an entire plan for Broadcsats 8 and 9, which I consider to be a lot like a bulletin point draft. I've found a way to scrap a lot of what simply doesn't have to be in there and keep all the interesting and fun bits, so I've already saved myself a whole heap of time.

I get giddy when I plan for these three books, that's why I'm putting the other writing I had planned off. I'm just too excited about Spinward Fringe.

When will you see Broadcast 8? I'll tell you when I have some idea, but it might be sooner than you think.

Again, thank you so much for a spectacular book release.

That release is ongoing, with Broadcast 7 on its way to Barnes & Noble, the iBookstore, Kobo and other outlets. If you simply cannot wait, you can get a copy of the book for any device by purchasing it through Smashwords here.



Anonymous said...

Randy you should never stop writing!! i do think that you will be greater then anyother Sci-FI writer! we love you

MrMagic714 said...

Thank you so much for what can only be called an incredible saga that is on par with the entire Harry Potter series, in my opinion. I started reading Origins about 8 weeks before the Boadcast 7 releaseand I kept devouring them, constantly surprised that there was more until Broadcast 5. This series, sir, has had me like a junkie since page one. I breezed through them, enjoying all the juicy details - btw, such an excellent job on the military standards and Protocol. I especially liked how the messy issues of time were elucidated in a very plausible manner. Anyone that read broadcasts 5 or 6 will now have a better understandjng of the difference between hyperspace travel and wormhole travel. Thanks for the theoretical physics lessons. My wait for broadcast 7 was like torture especially when I knew the release date. I congratulate you on some of the most well written and fun adventure/sci-fi epics I have ever given so many hours, sleepless nights and girlfriend time to ever. Can't wait for broadcast 8!

Anonymous said...

I'm glad to hear that you've put off the other writing you had been planning. I'm hoping for broadcast 8 to be published within 2013.

Doug said...

Halfway in and loving it, as I have all the others. I devour your stories like Hagendaz ice cream and can not get enough, of either. What fun! Thank you, please forever write and write some more.

Teo Ufford-Chase said...

I found that when I had finished Broadcast 7 I was stunned, confused, disbelieving, awestruck, and really really tired since it was around 4 in the morning. Thank you so much for a wild ride, Randy! I can't wait for the adventures to come. No... literally, I can't! I might just go catatonic if I can't get my greedy figures on another Spinward Fringe Broadcast very very soon.

no1son said...

Randolph - Thank you for 2012's early Christmas Gift!! Broadcast 7 was the Best yet. I have been riding along with you from the very beginning and hope to be still riding along with you to the very end!! Thanks for many hours of enjoyment, and anticipation. Wishing you only the Best.

dgmcshane said...

Are your books not available on Barnes & Noble anymore? I can't find 7 on there. Thank you.

Randolph Lalonde said...

"Are your books not available on Barnes & Noble anymore? I can't find 7 on there. Thank you."

Thank you for asking.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework is late to arrive at the iBookstore and Barnes & Noble. That whole part of things is in the hands of my distributor at this point, who are normally very quick. Broadcast 7 should appear there shortly.

if you don't want to wait, you can download exactly the same files from Smashwords.

Thank you so much for your patience.


mischa molhoek said...

I loved the series so far, been reading through the whole series in one year. The last one, bc7 was spectacular. Loved the 'expandable few' too, fit well in between, as a side track. Looking forward to bc8-bc200 :) I Hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it!

mischa molhoek said...

I loved the series so far, been reading through the whole series in one year. Loved the whole serie, but the last one, bc7, was spectacular. Loved the 'expandable few' too, fit well in between, as a side track. Looking forward to bc8-bc200 :) I Hope you enjoyed writing it as much as I enjoyed reading it!

Kevar said...

Thank you for tying up the story so nicely. I enjoyed your entire series and am glad to hear that you are planning broadcast 8 and 9. Good job.