Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Announcing Spinward Fringe: Fracture

That's right. Spinward Fringe Rogue Element has become the Rogue Element Trilogy. The first book is called Response. In online stores the name will read: Spinward Fringe: Response.

Why, you ask? The answer is simple. The story quickly outgrew the confines of one book. I had to cut Rogue Element into three parts, otherwise I'd have a five hundred page novel that would take me nine months to write. Okay, maybe six, but I went through that with Frontline, and I'd rather deliver a two hundred page novel in three months instead of a four hundred page novel in six. There are a lot of readers who agree, and it fits the nature of Space Opera.

What's the book about? Well, without giving anything serious away, it's time for a distress call. It's a common story seed in Space Opera stories, and it's time for me to to it differently, to twist the whole concept of responding to a distress call into a nice big plot pretzel gone wrong.

I've taken a completely different approach to this book and I'm happy with how it's turned out so far. I wanted to write Rogue Element like a film, like I was the director looking to milk every moment for as much drama and action as possible while tossing some intrigue and character development in for good measure. I also wanted to recapture some of the excitement that made the First Light Chronicles worth reading.

What's the end result? The first part is in draft, and it feels like I've crammed a screenplay into a prose novel. It's exciting, the science is something I'm proud of, it's emotional, and I poured so much into this book that I had nothing left by the end. I feel like taking a decade off, like I don't know exactly what I have here, but I like it too much to judge and need a professional opinion.

I'm a very fortunate man. I have not one, but two qualified people ready to look this over for me. They'll tell me if there is something missing, or if it's too fast paced, or if I've given birth to a great big, creative turkey. As with anything I enjoy writing, I've lost all objectivity, and they'll tell me what I've done here.

All I know is that the first draft is complete, it was more fun to write than Spinward Fringe Frontline, that I'll be back at work on this draft starting my personal edit tomorrow, and that this book is called Spinward Fringe: Response, it's part one of the Rogue Element Trilogy.

There's something else. There are perfectly good chapters from past books (such as the completed, edited prologue from Spinward Fringe Frontline), that will never be used. Some of them read like shorts, so I'll be releasing one free after the last part of Dark Arts: Rising hits the web next week. There will also be preview chapters for Spinward Fringe: Response that, when put together, read like their own short story. They'll be released here on a weekly basis until the book is released.

I'm excited, my editor is excited, and my new proof reader is well chuffed as well. I'll tell you what their verdict is and how long you'll have to wait until the release as soon as I know.


One more thing: The book is written so new inductees to the Spinward Fringe universe can start reading here. The preceding books will always be there for them, but they can start at this point if they like.

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