Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Other Books By Randolph Lalonde

The Spinward Fringe science fiction series has outsold everything else written by Randolph Lalonde, holding the top spot on's Mobipocket eBook sales site for over a year in the science fiction section.

Before work on that series began on January 1, 2008, Randolph Lalonde wrote fantasy, horror and strange fiction. Three books in those genres have been made available to the public. Here they are in chronological order:

Fate Cycle: Dead of Winter
Past the Northern Reach in the Lands of Athoul there is a tradition called the Promise March. It is during this tradition of matchmaking that A young soldier in training named Deih Utonin meets Celeste, a Young Lady favored by her people. As just another in a line of Suitors, Deih is left with the task of proving himself as more than just a Soldier from a powerful House. Other, more pressing matters threaten to interrupt them as conflict in the south brews and Celeste’s Mentor calls her back to her side. The young pair are faced with making decisions That will effect them for the rest of their lives.

Note: This is the most light hearted work available from Randolph Lalonde. Written in more of a fairy tale style, this book functions as the prequel to Fate Cycle Book I: Sins of the Past. It can also stand on its own for people who prefer light hearted character driven fantasy.

Sorry, this book is no longer available. A re-release is in the works, but no date has been set.

Fate Cycle Book I: Sins of the Past
Three thousand years have passed since a sorceress and her companions exiled the corrupt City State of Caydor to the far off realm of Rikaam. After the Caydorians have fallen from history to legend, a portal has opened on the lands of King Gavat Lorridge. The King sends one of his best military leaders, Warlord Deih Utonin, through to discover the fate of the Caydorians. Meanwhile, the young King is left with his sage advisor, the Lord of the Winds, to aid him with a kingdom on the brink of war. On the other side of the portal the descendants of Caydor discover a portal of their own and send an expedition to explore. A new clash of cultures and kingdoms is about to begin, the scale of which none have ever seen.

Note: This is the first of a set of two. The upcoming second half to this saga is called Exodus, and will be available in 2010. Regardless of being the first part of a pair, the main plot concerning Deih Utonin and his wife Celeste is complete. It`s not necessary to read Fate Cycle: Dead of Winter before reading Fate Cycle Book I: Sins of the Past.

Sorry, this book is no longer available. A re-release is in the works, but no date has been set.

Dark Arts: Rising
Now for the horror. In 2009 a serialized short called Dark Arts: Rising was written as a proof of concept. Work on other horror novels will continue in 2010, including the Dark Arts, which will be expanded into a full novel named simply: Dark Arts. For the time being Dark Arts: Rising is available as a free eBook from Smashwords.

Here`s the synopsis:
The resurrection of Zachary Ellison has brought on a series of events that are changing the world forever. Maxwell, one of the last surviving members of a secret Order of occultists, has failed to catch him in time and is tasked to begin reviving the Order while attempting to minimize the damage his old foe is set to cause. Terrors unseen for thousands of years threaten to emerge if he fails.

Note: Dark Arts: Rising was an experiment made to test a new writing style, setting and story. Thanks to reader response, a full length Dark Arts novel is planned for 2012.

Sons of Brightwill

More on this book (including the cover image), will be available soon. This is a one shot fantasy novel slated for release in 2012.


Anonymous said...

Great story! I look forward to the next installment.

BrandieC said...

Really enjoyed the story and look forward to reading subsequent installments. I would also like to read a prequel or at least some more of the back story on Maxwell, Bernie, etc. Mr. Lalonde, I would, however, appreciate closer proofreading; I tend to be easily distracted by typographical, spelling, and grammatical errors, and I suspect there are others like me out there :).

Randolph said...

I'm very happy to hear the more peripheral work I have out there is entertaining people. It's taken a while, but readership of the Dark Arts short/novella has grown to the point where I'm dusting the notes I wrote for the expansion of the existing work off and taking another look. I like the characters and story that was built around the concepts at the core of that piece, and always planned to revisit it. The growing readership is telling me that sooner would be better than later.

As for the existing story, it was originally offered as a blog serial, and was never edited. That's the main reason why it's offered for free. Having said that, if someone wants to offer proof reading notes, I'd welcome the help. Feel free to send me an Email if you'd like to volunteer.

As for the Fate Cycle series, it'll be removed from Mobipocket and by the end of June. The Spinward Fringe, Dark Arts and Brightwill books are more entertaining by far.

Again, thank you for reading and for giving me the opportunity to entertain you!

vesta44 said...

I just downloaded this from B&N and finished reading it tonight. I liked it very much, and would like to know how the whole story got started - the backstory on Maxwell, Bernie, Zachary, etc. The proofreading errors are minor, something an editor would take care of if a publisher was interested in this becoming a full novel (I certainly would buy it if it became a novel, especially if it was a series of novels).

Randolph said...

Dark Arts has found a much larger audience than I ever expected on Barnes and Noble. So much so, that once the next three Spinward Fringe books are out (Broadcasts 6-8), I'll be looking at either expanding what you've read into a full novel, or developing something more involved.

As for proof reading, I'm adding Dark Arts: Rising to the list of books that are being refined over the next 12 months and I'm anxious to release the revised edition.

Thanks for stopping in and commenting. The more I hear from readers about Dark Rising and the other projects, the better. As for a publisher picking it up, I'm more interested in entertaining readers directly at this point, especially since I'm writing full time thanks to the patronage of readers.

Anonymous said...

great book...i agree with a previous comment about proofreading and some grammatical and punctuation errors, but its awesome. :) its clive barker-ish. i'd also like to see some back story on maxwell and they came to be and all that fun stuff. you have it in you to write a great story on that. :) i look forward to other books and i'm going to check out other things you've written. if you need a proof-reader or anything like that...i'm here :) email me at i'd love to hear from you

Bruce said...

Fine.....I will buy it and read it.....
I Enjoyed Spinward Fringe s much I finished the entire series in 28 days. I really can't wait fr the next one!
So I will start in on you other books starting with this One. I can't wait!

Lost in space Lewis said...

I am on book 4 of Spinward Fringe and it is fantastic, well done! Not my normal read at all but gave it a go (first delve in to e-reading) and just cannot stop! 

I really like the characters and writing style and luckily still have some way to go with the story…

Thanks for the entertainment!

Note: Create an online form so people can feedback any of the mentioned typos (incl chapter, para etc), Spinward bingo! :)It will give you some free proof reading too.

Jim lester said...

OK so I was deciding to download a free book to my kindle, I saw Origins: Spinward fringe. I thought I'd give it a go. Wow!!! I've been a SciFy junky my whole life, and this was fun to read as anything I can remember. I finished it in 2 nights. I've bought broadcast 1 and 2 and can't wait to read them. I just wanted to take the time to let you know that you have a new big fan! Keep up the great work and I'll keep reading.

Kelli Ann said...

I would love to volunteer to give you proof notes on any of your work. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Spinward Fringe books and I'm dying for more.

Randolph said...

Proofreading and re-releases are being taken care of right now, actually. There's a project under way and things are looking good going forward.

For more info on that and many other things, check out the main blog:

Thanks for your comments, and for reading!