Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome to 2010

I'm not going to talk much about 2009. For me it was a year of getting used to writing full time, to the pressures of marketing, a little creative experimentation (thank you Shawn, for Sudbury NaNoWriMo and to everyone from Underground Writers), and a year where I took a very serious look at what I'd done, started making it better, and decided what would be happening in 2010.

It was a busy year. At times I felt like an archivist, maintaining and improving the books already out there while working to create new content. I only released two books in 2009, but I'm proud of each of them for different reasons.

Now, on to 2010. The final versions of the First Light Chronicles will appear very early on since we're wrapping work up on that right now. Final revisions of Spinward Fringe Resurrection, Awakening, Triton, and Frontline will follow. Anyone who owns the books right now will be able to update their versions for free. That's what's happening in the distant background, it isn't taking up much of my time at all.

What will take up the bulk of my time is writing new material. The marketing is starting to take care of itself, with the good word spreading thanks to my excellent readers and communication growing between them and myself I can feel my work reaching people. New work is the focus this year, and I can't express my excitement.

In 2008 I pledged to write every day of the year and managed to only miss sixteen. I'm making the same pledge for 2010 and know exactly where my efforts will be focused. The books I will complete in 2010 include three more Spinward Fringe novels (one is almost finished), and two fantasy novels. 2010 is about building, it's about reaching out with good, refined work and letting the people who enjoy being part of the process help me to deliver works of enduring quality.

This is going to be a fantastic year, and I have my readers to thank for putting me in a position to have a great start.

I hope everyone had a good year in 2009, and I wish you all a fantastic time in 2010!

Here we go.


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