Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Broadcast 6: Fragments Will Be Available On Smashwords July 21

I started writing this book over eleven months ago. Until last week I was still writing new content. In the end over 30,000 words were cut from the book, another 25,000 or so words worth of work never found their way in and a little more material was pushed into Broadcast 7 in the end. This was the most difficult writing project I've ever undertaken, involving hundreds of hours of research into topics like military law, the third world, the definition of 'A corrupt government' before and after WWII, cults and their leaders, Privateering, geology, hydroponics, alternative to alternative power, the three sides of paradise on Earth (hospitality, poverty and politics), and the war in Afghanistan. Will most of it be noticeable in the work? Probably not, they're character driven novels, after all, and the reason why I do so much research is so the setting doesn't step into the spotlight uninvited.

When final editing started, I realized there was more writing to do, and from that point on I had a blast with this book. Watching it come together as a set of linear stories while writing important segments for different characters was like enjoying the best parts of being a reader and writer at the same time. The twists are back, the character growth is better, and a few experimental writing directions may have paid off, at the very least, the story was delivered and things move forward.

I'm enjoying another advantage in this book as well; more help. Thanks to two Allans on different sides of planet Earth (literally), and my favourite cinnamon girl, some extra proof reading is taking place, and I expect this to be the cleanest release (edit wise), yet.

Is this the best book in the series? I don't know, but it's my favourite so far.

On July 21 you'll be able to judge for yourself. Smashwords will get the book first, since they will provide an indexed version of the book that will be compatible with all readers.

Thank you for reading, and for staying aboard.


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steve said...

I was on the verge of sending a few marines over to use any means to bring forth Broadcast 6.

Sgt. Coutee USMC 93-96