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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Sunday, July 4, 2010

A Delay For A Good Cause & I Think I Killed My HP Mini.

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 6: Fragments, is less fragmented, and twice the size than I expected it to be. That's good.

The whole book moves like a runaway train, and I love the way it's turning out, but I need more time.

What's more, my editor needs more time, and the beta readers haven't gotten a copy yet because the editor hasn't finished her pass yet. I'm sure some of you will be frustrated that I'm pushing the release off again, but I've rushed to release before, and it didn't turn out well.

I'm genuinely enjoying Broadcast 6, and I want it to be it's best when you finally get your hands on it, so I'm going to take more time with it, make sure I've done my absolute best with this book, and give everyone who wants to make this book great (my editor and beta readers) more time to help. They're volunteers after all, and from what I hear, whip cracking isn't advisable when they're not getting paid or bound in chains.

So, I'm going to do my absolute best to get this book out as quickly as I can while working to a higher quality standard than I have in the past, so when you finally do get it, you'll enjoy it that much more. How much more time do we need? From the looks of things right now, we'll need two extra weeks. When I know more, and can give everyone a firm release date, I'll post it here.

I am looking forward to getting this out to you, especially since, until just recently, I've had to keep all the ideas and occurrences in this book to myself. That's almost eleven months of keeping potential spoilers under wraps. I'm about to explode.

Thank you for your patience, the next helping of Spinward Fringe is still well on its way.


For anyone who might be wondering, it seems the HP Mini 1035 can take about 500,000 words (or a fantasy novel, about 4 drafts of a science fiction novel and 40 blog entries), before the keyboard really starts falling apart. More to come on that in a future post.


Shawn Gray said...

Keep working on it Randy. A novel is something that needs to ripen completely before it should be consumed. If it needs another two or three weeks, take it, we can wait.

I look forward to seeing the smashwords link come up for broadcast 6 so I can buy me a copy. :)

Gage W. said...

Same here. While I can't wait for Broadcast 6, I know I'd rather spend a few late night reading binges on a polished book. Take your time to get it right :) You've already got my commit to buy.

mccdyl001 said...

Hey there - stumbled across your free "broadcast 0" ebook via stanza (iphone app). Was hooked straight away and upon completion went straight to smashwords and bought all the rest of the spinward books available. Finished broadcast 5 this evening and thought I'd come online to see if a 6 was ready yet, and what a pleasant suprise to see its only weeks away! Cannot wait - and Randolph, great work with the series so far. It's really awesome!

pBluescript said...

Randolph, almost finished with Fracture and this is an awesome series. A question, will 6 be e-published at the same time? I have gotten all your books on my Kindle.

Randolph said...

Thanks for stopping by guys! I'm glad the general consensus (here, on Twitter, Facebook and via Email), is that quality matters more than timeliness.

The good news is: It's finished. It'll be on Smashwords on July 21 for all ebook readers, AND there will be a limited edition print version available on

To answer your question pBluescript, Smashwords does offer a Kindle edition, but if you'd rather wait to get it through, it will be available there in the first week of August.