Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8 Content Roundup For July - August 2013

Work on Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8: Renegades is going well, and I'm very happy with the first half. The second half is well underway and part of it has grown past my expectations into something I'm really enjoying.

The Facebook Group has gotten a lot of early access to insights about writing the novel, the cover, which was announced there while I was designing it, and snippets from the book. After another reader asked about the release date, I thought I would gather all the information and freebies about Broadcast 8 in one place.

To start with, there's the cover! I hope you enjoy it, there are a couple things hidden in the clouds. The 3D model was licensed, and the background is a heavily re-touched image from NASA. After composing and 3D rendering was complete, it only took a couple days to come up with a final version. 

Now, for an update on the release date. I can't pin down a specific date yet, since the draft isn't complete, but I can tell you that the goal is to release it before the end of 2013, much earlier if possible. Pre-orders will be available when a date is available at every retailer except for Amazon.

There is an ample preview available, totalling in eight chapters, as well as a short story that may not appear in the novel, but is part of the canon. There won't be more material for preview, but the links to everything that's come out are below.

So far this novel will be larger than anticipated, and I've enjoyed writing it more than the Expendable Few and Broadcast 7. So far there are over forty chapters, and I'm just getting into the second half.

Thank you so much for reading and supporting me by buying the books. You'll hear more from me soon on the Spinward Fringe Podcast and other free things coming in your direction!


The Atlantean Decision: Short Story -

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8: Prologue -

With Greater Awareness Part 1:

With Greater Awareness Part 2:

With Greater Awareness Part 3:

With Greater Awareness Part 4:

With Greater Awareness Part 5:

With Greater Awareness Part 6:

With Greater Awareness Part 7:

Oh, and there's a podcast network, but we're all on break right now or recording new shows for our second seasons.


Ryan David G said...

Thanks for these 'tasters', now counting the days until Broadcast 8 comes out.

Like many here (I guess) I got totally addicted after Origins and had to read the others ASAP, and really enjoy the characters and the world you've created. In fact, of the science fiction I've read over the last 10 years or so, these are up there with Peter F Hamilton's Pandora's Star / Judas Unchained as the books which have gripped me the most.

laurence D said...

Without doubt the best series I've read. Its brilliant and I've just realised that I started at broadcast 1 and read the whole series it was only that I went back to rerrad the series ahead of BC8 I realised I missed origins which is brilliant. Now
having read a lot of SciFi military coming back to Spinward fringe I realise that your writing is so good. I always read SciFi but recently read Michael Connellys harry Bosch which itself was excellent then warriors wings by ewan Currie which I loved but Spinward fringe I love and can't wait for more. I'll buy BC8 now please...
in fact I downloaded your podcast and was listening to it and heard a girl from Ireland talking about our weather being so good I'm in Belfast and can say that our good weather held out for the best since 1995 in fact today was 20c and itsOct.
keep up the good work Spinward Fringe is fantastic.
PS. i read it all on Kindle on Windows Phone 8...
PPS. Started reading SciFi with EEDoCsmith and the Skylark series and Tedric which I loved

laurence D said...

Your writing attention to detail plot and character development is brilliant...just can't put it down.
so happy to hear BC8 is longer than expected....

Anonymous said...

you have created one of the best sci fi series that I have had the privelege of enjoying. I am very excited for Broadcast 8, and am currently rereading the whole spinward series.

If I make a request (more like a plea), I would love a series on Sol Defense. Throughout the series you have created such a mystic about them. Such as the video that the boarding officer saw with the close encounter suits, Larry and citadel, the Tritons primary computer recalling its adventures with the original sol defense crew, and the war that they want to keep secret from humanity.


Anyways thank you for creating such a captivating series and you have no doubt earned a life long fan.

Thanks again and good luck finishing Broadcast 8.


Cmptrwhz said...

I need bc8. Your books are like a drug that I can't stop taking, so very addictive.

Unknown said...

I have devoured the first 7 books and am happy to hear there is another on the way after I finish the 8th. I hope you have had as much fun creating this narrative as I have had reading it. A truly great space epic.

Jay Glier said...

I must have read Origins about twelve times before i got around to reading the rest up till 7 and then read them at least twice. It took about two weeks all told but a plesent two weeks, dont worry i read quit fast just dont ask me to spell check or check grammer my brain fixes most things on its own. cant wait for next book.

znorker said...

I recently reset my last pages read for the Spinward series to zero and have read them again during some surgery recovery. The texture and flavour is actually smoother and richer taking it slower. Many subtleties came to the forefront I hadn't noticed before in my mad dash to comsume them quickly the first (and second) time.

It's been almost two years since I commented on putting your books on a shelf with my many others by the SciFi genre Masters. I'm rethinkng my stance. I think I'll add electronic versions of them to my reader to lean on your series. I'm half way through Broadcast 7: Framework and am excited to hear your draft for Broadcast 8 is coming together.

I must add my voice to those who are waiting for the completed work to read in one fell swoop. I will be there when you publish next. Please accept my humble thank you for your creative works. May you be deeply satisfied by them all as I am.
Zip Norker

Unknown said...

SO looking forward to Broadcast 8. What's the deal with Amazon? Why did you say "Except for Amazon"? That's where I purchased (and read) the entire series.

Randolph Lalonde said...

Unknown said...
"Why did you say "Except for Amazon"?"

Sadly, I'm not sure I'll be able to offer pre-orders on Amazon because their system may not be available to all users yet. They had a beta program for pre-orders, so independent publishers like myself could offer them, but those tools were never made available to me. Attempts to contact their service desk have all gone unanswered, and no pre-order system has turned up in my publishing tools.

All other distributors (iBookstore, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Sony, and others), finished testing and implementing pre-order systems months ago, once again advancing past Amazon in their quality of service to readers and indie publishers alike.

The good news is that, while Amazon users will not be able to pre-order, the book will be available on the same purchase date.

There are also other options. I'll be offering a direct download option here on release day that will include Broadcast 8 in Kindle and all other versions. Smashwords will also have the Kindle version of the book, so if you want to preorder, you can with alternative retailers and receive the exact same file you would if you ordered with Amazon.

Thank you for supporting me, I hope you enjoy Broadcast 8 when it arrives!