Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8: Renegades Special Edition, Amazon, and Smashwords versions are available!

That's right, Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8: Renegades is rolling out. The full Ebook is available through Amazon and Smashwords right now. Other retailers (iBookstore, Kobo, Barnes & Noble, Diesel, and others), will be listing the book sometime on or shortly after the 21st of March.

There is also a Special Edition for this release. Inside you'll find the Kindle and EPub (epub is compatible with the iBookstore, Nook, Sony EReader, Kobo, and most other devices), versions of the EBook as well as a bunch of goodies.

Here's a list:

- The Triton-Con Cup (5min narrated slideshow)
- A Brief History Of The Spinward Fringe Universe In Covers (25min narrated slideshow)
- A 90 minute commentary track featuring the Author and the Editor.
- Several wallpaper images for cellular phones, tablets and computers.

The special edition is only available through Gumroad, and costs the same as the regular EBook. 

Here are those links again:

Barnes & Noble

Thank you so much for your support, and for reading. This book took a long time to finish, and I hope everyone enjoys it!


About Gumroad and the Special Edition:
I recommend you download the Special Edition File with a computer, unzip the archive, and then send the .mp3's, videos, and Ebooks to the devices you want to use them on. If you have any problems with downloading, please contact - their customer service is excellent. So far, the Special Edition has been a fantastic success.


Magykmedia said...

Oh no! You released it early and I didn't know!!! Never mind got it now and can't wait to see what is happening on Tamber!! Thank you Randy!!

Tracy Holmes said...

Broadcast 8 ...... fantastic.
The only problem I have encountered with it is the sleep depervation, because once you starting reading it you can't put it down. It was great to sit/lie/lounge with all my favourite people again. There was so much going on with the different groups, yet the adventure just flowed. What an ending to the Rouge Element Trilogy, I definitely didn't see that coming. Loved the Special Edition. I can't think of one other author who gives his readers you so much.
Now, I know you don't want to hear this, but I can't wait for Broadcast 9, sorry Randy, the adventures have kicked up a gear and just keep getting more exciting with each book.

@shinntyler said...

I loved Spinward Fringe Broadcast 8!

Have you thought about writing another book like the expendable few but it be about the Irish Worlds. Preferably from Frost's Cousin's perspective?

Can't wait for more in this series!

Anonymous said...

Just read it great stuff. Now Broadcast 9 any release date yet.

Dwayne said...

Looking forward to this one for a while now! If we get the Special Edition does more money flow into the author's coffers? I would like to make my purchase in such a way as to being the most beneficial to the Mr. Lalonde!

Randolph Lalonde said...

Dwayne said...
"Looking forward to this one for a while now! If we get the Special Edition does more money flow into the author's coffers? I would like to make my purchase in such a way as to being the most beneficial to the Mr. Lalonde!"

Absolutely, the earnings from the Special Edition are nearly double that of everything else. I also took the time to produce about two hours of content to make it worth your while. Best of all? You don't have to pay a penny extra.


Frank Stanovcak said...

Hrrm. if this means we get a broadcast 9 gumroad it is! I too was wondering when you would franchise out some story lines from other areas of your own personal universe. Maybe licensed filler novels of Alice's past, or follow up on the disposables. I really did like that story!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like an amazing idea to write about Frost's cousin's past up until they make it to triton! :D
Are novellas possible in this series?

Randolph Lalonde said...

Anonymous asks: Are novellas possible in this series?

I would say they're absolutely possible, but I can't say I can put a clock on it, or even say what the novellas would be about.

There is one novella out already, called The Expendable Few, that's a fair example of how different the novellas will probably be from the main Spinward Fringe broadcasts.

Thank you for asking!


Tracy Holmes said...

I have to confess to my ignorance as I actually googled " what's the difference between a book, which I always belived to be another word for novel, and a novella". I always thought a novella was a longer short story, but not as long as a book/novel. As far a I'm concerned The Expendable Few is another one of your books/novels, that I throughly enjoyed, Randy and wouldn't call it a novella.

Jnov36 said...

Loved broadcast 8, talk about non stop action. I have to ask because it drives me crazy trying to picture ship layouts in my head, When are you releasing "The Spinward Fringe Illistrated Guide to Ships and Gear".

Anonymous said...

Are you thinking of spin-off material or no? - Marie

Randolph Lalonde said...

Marie said... "Are you thinking of spin-off material or no?"

It's something I may look at again in the future, like I did with Expendable Few, but the main series as well as another unrelated project (Brightwill), are already keeping me very busy.

Thank you for asking!


Anonymous said...

This is one of the best SF series I've read in my life. I've been made aware by a friend recently and burned through all books in no time.
As others have stated it's incredibly hard to put them down once you start reading. They're really addictive. Now the burning question is how long we'll have to wait for the next Broadcast :)

Anonymous said...

Ever since I read the very first chapter of broadcast0 , I have been hooked and suffering severe withdrawal symptoms as I impatiently await for the next thrilling installment of the most captivating sci fi writing that I have had the pleasure to read in years. All that is now asked is for your ingenuity to flourish and your pen to go into overdrive on the next one.

wil2space said...

Loved reading about my favorite characters again. Do you have a timeline available yet for Broadcast 9?

Randolph Lalonde said...

Wil2space asked...
"Do you have a timeline available yet for Broadcast 9?"

I'm finishing a book called Brightwill (more on that coming in the blog, so stay tuned), and releasing that first.

With regards to Broadcast 9, I'm shooting for late 2014, but I'm not ready to post a release date for the book yet.