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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Brightwill Reviewed in the Book Igloo!

Here's why reviews are important. Few books get attention from conventional press, and even fewer Indie titles get any recognition unless the author lands a deal worth millions.

So, what floats an indie title higher than the rest? Reviews. The ones you leave on the site you purchase the book from can help sink or float a book, consider it your opportunity to give the next reader who comes along some advice on whether or not they should read the book your reviewing and why.

Independent reviews are just as important because the sites they are posted on often have their own audiences that will read titles based on recommendations. They also help lend legitimacy to the book being reviewed, especially since most independent reviewers are not paid for their time. There's no incentive for them to puff a book up a couple extra stars, so you can be pretty sure the reviewer is being honest.

One book that has needed help is Brightwill. It didn't land well with the retailers, and I really didn't know how to market this book as well as I did my Spinward Fringe titles. Instead of selling thousands in the first couple months, it barely sold two hundred, so I went back to the drawing board and made it free, put it in front of people who were more interested in Fantasy, and got some honest opinions from a few trusted sources about the interior material,  the story.

The feedback I got was good, but as far as marketability went, it wasn't like most fantasy titles being released, it needed to discover its own audience. Thankfully more people are discovering it now that it's free. That brings us to the Book Igloo!

Caitlin Lynagh, an author herself, found Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins, read it and reviewed it on the Book Igloo (Check that out here).  When I thanked her for the review on Twitter I discovered that she was more of a fantasy reader than Science Fiction. Brightwill had just gone free, so I offered it to her.

Some time passed (less time than it would take for a reviewer at a major site or periodical would have taken), and to my surprise, I discovered that she finished a review of Brigthwill that demonstrates a clear understanding of the book, a very clear understanding. She also managed to review it well without dishing out any spoilers.

Long story short, if you're on the fence about reading Brightwill, then this review is for you. You will either be gently knocked back into your own familiar yard, or come leaping out into the unknown thanks to her well worded review. Here's the link!


Tracy Holmes said...

As I have said before, I'm extremely lucky in finding your books, Randy, as my favourite genre's are science fiction, fantasy, and horror.
I have been disappointed before by authors who have tried to crossover between these three genre's, but not by you, I'm delighted to say. The only problem is I now want the next volume in the Brightwill saga, and was extremely pleased that although you had planned on Brightwill being a stand-alone novel there will be further adventures. Brightwill just opened the door to a new realm for me and I want to explore it throughly now.
Looking forward to the new Dark Arts novel, due for release in October, having been lucky enought to read the earlier verison that was released, but you can't get now. Sorry folks if I got your hopes up there!

elc said...

I just finished reading Brightwill for the second time and REALLY want to see more in this tale....this series I would even be willing to buy!