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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Monday, November 9, 2015

Improving the Spinward Fringe Series Going Forward

Mondays should only be for good news, so that's all  you'll find here. If you haven't read Broadcast 9, there are some things that won't make much sense at the moment, but you'll get there. There are NO spoilers ahead, so don't worry.

My plan for 2016 originally was to write two Spinward Fringe novels, a Spinward Fringe side novel and a short about Carnie, a pilot who who was featured in Broadcast 9. I also scheduled time to write a novel outside of Spinward Fringe, and that hasn't changed.

What has changed is that I'm already tightening up the story for Spinward Fringe. The short featuring Carnie is being written right now, because it's become a part of Broadcast 10. It's going to really improve a section of that book that (according to two local test readers) was already pretty good.

The other Spinward Fringe side novel I had planned also fits in with the events of the main story, so, instead of finishing two Spinward Fringe novels and a side novel, I'm going to finish three Spinward Fringe novels and another book outside of the Spinward Fringe universe - it may be Brightwill, it could be Dark Arts, I'm not sure yet.

All of the upcoming books are entered around the nine sector war, and we'll get to see the universe as it is after the holocaust virus in a very direct way. I'm very excited about this phase of the Spinward Fringe saga.

So, the Spinward Fringe series gets less confusing today, you'll be getting bigger, better books and more of them!

Now, back to work on Broadcast 10, I'm almost a quarter of the way through it at this point. The January 28, 2016 release date is written in stone at this point, I'll definitely hit it.


[You can track my progress on Broadcast 10 on the National Novel Writing Page.]


James Menotti said...

Yea! I look forward to the upcoming battles.

Sheila Hall said...

Good news, because I'd rather the longer more complete B10 than three shorter books. This way the flow isn't interrupted. Go with the flow. :)

Darryl Wilks said...

Really enjoy the Spinward Fringe books I know I will Like them even more if they are longer & more character detailed. Please do a Brightwill book Truly enjoyed the first one.