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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Rumor That Heroes Is In Trouble Is Completely False!

Okay, so some how there are some bulletin board posts going around and even a news item on a site that is normally quite correct that claims that Heroes, the NBC smash hit, is actually at risk of being canceled.

First off, I can tell you for an absolute certainty that not only are they going to do at least one more season (I'd place my bets on 3 more), but they are selling every single episode of the show to foreign markets for absurd prices. What does that mean? That means Heroes is so popular world wide that NBC is actually making syndication class cash before syndication. That means Heroes is their biggest cash cow! NBC is owned by a big corporation, that means that shareholders are watching the bottom line and if they canceled Heroes, that bottom line wouldn't look nearly as good. Everyone loves a good bottom line. Besides that, the show runners are living every writer/producer/developer's dream right now, they're the golden boys (and girls) of the network and don't have to answer to as many people as say, a failing show would. So, in short, HEROES IS NOT BEING CANCELED!!

Here's where these people who obviously like to jump to conclusions might have misheard some news leading to them revealing their status as 'least brightest bulb in the box'. There was this spinoff called Heroes: Origins that was supposed to come out for six episodes during 2008. The writer's strike put an end to that, so the idea was shelved. As it turns out the spinoff is still something the creator Tim Kring wants to do, but there are a lot of casting, time, story and production barriers between wanting to do it someday and actually making it happen. Right now they have to focus on getting Heroes back on track, especially since they didn't get to shoot half a season worth of material that the creator has since changed a great deal because of the early ending in season 2.

So, here's the point:
Heroes - We'll see it this season, including Kristin Bell, who is returning as her broken blond character from last season.

Heroes: Origins - Might happen, might not happen. Who cares? As long as regular Heroes makes a 20-24 episode season 3 I'm happy!

People Who Jump To Conclusions or Lie To Get Attention - It could be worse, you could be getting what you deserve.


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Hunter said...

Hi Randolph, thanks for coming by and visiting my site,, I was curious on what kind of books you write and decided to drop on by to yours as well. I'm a big fan of Heroes as well so I'm glad you tried to put a stop to these rumors. First Light Chronicles sounds awesome and I think I'll want to give that a read real soon. I hope that Fate Cycle does really well for you as well. I don't sit down and read too much as far as stories but I'm intrigued and will help spread the word on your books. Keep goin and I'm sure that eee will be a joy to your writing world.