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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Fate Cycle: Sins of the Past

Just when you thought it was safe to walk down the virtual Fantasy Isle, I release (or re-release) a fantasy novel. In preparation for me to start working on the second half of this story (entitled Fate Cycle Exodus), later this year, I worked through this volume with the help of my new Editor.

It's 99.9% typo free now, and a few other things have been improved. The story is the same, however, and I've withdrawn the book from Trafford's publishing service so they're no longer ripping me or my readers off. They were charging people $33.99 for a copy of this book, which is robbery. At the same time I wasn't getting even close to a third of that as a royalty either.

I've switched to as the publisher for this volume and it's in my store (links are to the right), and set it up with my international EBook distributor, so you'll probably see it kicking around sites like soon.

Now, about this book. The main characters are Warlord Deih Utonin, Celeste Utonin, King Gavat Lorridge, the Sorcerrer Madul, Ascromm (also known as the Lord of the Winds), and his apprentice, Coriath. This half of the story is about the appearance of a portal in the lands of Athoul leading to Rikaam, the home of a group of people called the Caydorians. The Caydorians were once residents of Athoul, but were banished thousands of years beforehand by Kumajarie Utonin and a group of high magicians. This book is about exploration, political and spiritual corruption, necromancy, great big nature magic and the beginning of the apprentice Coriath's journey into manhood and magic. I loved telling this story and took an entire year to write the book after developing the world for over a decade.

It was my first fantasy novel and I look forward to returning to the lands of Athoul to finish the journey I began four years ago. That book (Exodus), is half finished, so when I crack the leather manuscript case it's been sealed up in for over three years in November, you can imagine I'll be lost in a happy reunion with characters I haven't been able to forget. This is the book people stop me in the street about, asking 'where's the second one?' and everyone has those people to thank for this republication. I hope you dive in and enjoy this twisting tale, I know I was surprised as I read it once more and enjoyed the experience.

As for the Spinward Fringe series, the second book is being edited, the third book is in the works and sales are accelerating by the day internationally through various EBook retailers. More news on that and the earlier First Light Chronicles series shortly, until then, enjoy Fate Cycle Sins of the Past!


Yes, Fate Cycle Dead of Winter does take place before this. It's a little fantasy romance novel that's a really fun read but not essential to enjoy or understand Sins of the Past.

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