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Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Sunday, February 24, 2008

Every Tea Party Album I've Ever Owned Was Stolen

You know, I was looking through my old CD collection while I was taking a break from writing, and found that the only two albums I have left from The Tea Party have been liberated. True, I haven't so much as looked at my Tea Party CD's in years, I have them on MP3 and have no need of ye olde plastic disks, but there's something about owning music in it's intended form. It says; "I'm a legit fanboy who gave the record company my cash so they would produce another one of their albums, oh, and maybe the artist got a buck or two in the deal."

I've owned almost every Tea Party CD they've come out with and one bootleg over the last eleven or so years, and every one of them has gone missing. I'm not bitter, it's good that this three piece band got a little further than my neglected CD collection, maybe made it into another person's, and hopefully got stolen from them as well, so they could go even further.

I'm not saying; 'hey, come on over and take my stuff!' I'm just saying that I hope these mobile CD's didn't get stolen only to roast in someone's sun visor.

On the note of supporting what we like, I'll be buying the Tea Party's live DVD tomorrow along with the collector's edition of Serenity, that movie that should have never happened based on the show Fox Television didn't want; Firefly. Everyone should buy a copy of that movie, and if you haven't seen the TV series, buy the DVD set too. Why? It's simple: if we buy enough, creator Joss Whedon may just be able to make another movie or two. If I win the lotto tomorrow, I'll give Joss half if it were enough to make another film. Okay, more than half, I don't need much.

So, what's this post really saying?
The Tea Party is still a great band.
I hope the folks who walked off with my CD's are still enjoying them.
We all have to buy a copy of Serenity, because doing the impossible is worth celebrating, and so are Cowboys in Space!
Get your own damn copies and stop eying mine. Seriously, as if I weren't paranoid enough!


Back to writing....

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