Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Mobipocket Buries the Spinward Fringe Series! A Call To Action!

Over the past few months Mobipocket has been a fantastic channel for me to get my work out to Science Fiction Fans across the globe. Up until this morning I've been very happy to see that the books that sell well climb the science fiction genre charts proportionately and I've been very fortunate that people have discovered and enjoyed my work.

Sadly, that's come to an end it seems. The First Light Chronicles Omnibus still sits in the coveted first place in the Science Fiction section, which I'm thankful for, but the Spinward Fringe Resurrection and Awakening books aren't listed in the top 400. That's very strange, considering both of those books have been selling as well as, if not better than the Omnibus for a few weeks now and they've had places in the top ten for almost as long. I'd understand if something came along and out sold them, moving them down a few places, but it doesn't makes sense that they just disappear.

Here's what really irritates me about all this; the Spinward Fringe Series sells primarily to people who enjoyed the Omnibus, and you're the most important group of people to me, the true fans who continue following the story I enjoy telling so much. It's thanks to you that the Spinward Fringe Series has done so well, your support and your support alone got the books into the top ten. I honestly think Mobipocket his dishonoring that spirit of support by burying the Spinward Fringe series, and if you agree please post your objection on their forums under the topic: Spinward Fringe Resurrection and Awakening gone missing!!

Thank you very much for your support so far, and I hope you stick around for the release of Spinward Fringe Triton and the novel that follows, I'll keep putting these books out for the length of this plotline and longer if the demand is there!


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