Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde
Free Ebooks by Randolph Lalonde

Friday, October 10, 2008

Spinward Fringe Triton: Now We Wait

What's with the title you ask? Well, I've finished my editorial pass on the newest book and all of you get to wait on my Editors final word.

Anyone who has read the First Light Chronicles and Spinward Fringe thus far know that I'm the master of answering a (plot) question with another question. That's how I do things in general, give you just enough to feel informed while you follow the characters along on a journey that could take you anywhere. In the end there's always a payoff, however.

Triton is different. The location is different, the story is vastly different, even the main characters we follow around are dealing with things that they've never faced before. I've taken great risks in the telling. The major risks involve answers that don't pose questions. Many of the answers to long running plot lines (even going as far back as the First Light Chronicles), are final and satisfying, or at least that's my intention. My Editor will tell me whether I've accomplished my goals and told a good story.

Triton ties up a number of important plot lines because it's time to move on to the bigger story that's been developing in the background ever since the first page of Starfree Port. In Spinward Fringe Broadcast 4 (I can't tell you it's proper name until my Editor has signed off on Triton), the big picture story comes into play and I can't wait to tell it.

Triton is a much more serious book than anything that's come before, and now that I look back on the story I've told I can honestly say I'm proud of the work.

So, like I said before, we get to wait a few days while my Editor makes her educated, well read assessment of the book. Here's hoping I've done my job exceptionally well.


[While you're waiting you could always check out Fate Cycle Dead of Winter or Fate Cycle Sins of the Past if you're looking for a more epic style of fantasy. They're both available at a reduced price on]


George Pantazis said...

I just finised all of the spinward fringe, and cant wait for your next book, any idea on when it will be available on mobi? And one more question, are you going to finish the story in the next book? I hope not :-)
It would also be cool if you could send the autographed books(from ebay) to europe also.

Randolph said...

I'm really glad you enjoyed the books! With so much support from the Mobi community, we've decided to change things around on our end so Mobipocket gets all my books before anyone else! If everything clears with my editor (story, grammar quality, etc...), the next book should be up in the next 10 days or so.

As far as the story finishing, well, a few plot lines are wrapping up. You'll find that our characters are moving into new situations at the same time so this certainly isn't the last book. The fourth Spinward Fringe novel is in the works (that's seven if you count the First Light Chronicles).

Thank you for your comment, I hope you enjoy what's to come!

George Pantazis said...

I just purchased Triton and cant wait to finish the book I read now to start on it. I am really glad to hear that there will be more books in this amazing series.

Randolph said...

Thank you for buying Triton! Everyone here is very proud of that book in particular and I can't wait to see what kind of reviews pop up for it on Mobipocket.

I hope you enjoy Triton and we'll see you again soon when the book following it is finished. I'm off to continue working on it right now, actually.