Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Spinward Fringe Continues: Alice's Revenge!

Months ago, when I realized that Broadcast 11: Revenge wouldn't be out for a while, I started sharing Alice's story from that book. It's gone well, and Patreon Subscribers have even contributed opinions that helped me fine-tune the direction of the story.

It's been months, and Broadcast 11: Revenge is nearing completion, and Alice's story from the book looms large on the Patreon site. There is a release date and a book coming soon, but until then, you can check over 15 chapters out for free or subscribe to see over 25 chapters detailing Alice's journey through the book.

Her story takes up roughly half of the books' content, and the version you'll be reading is early draft so there will be changes that will come when the book is published in its final form. If you think you would enjoy reading her story individually in an early format, then again with the book, I invite you to read along with over a hundred others on the Patreon site. If not, then maybe you should wait; it won't be long now!

Click here to go to the Index to the Revenge Preview: Alice's Revenge on Patreon.

Thank you very much for your patience, the Spinward Fringe story is still alive and well!