Saturday, April 18, 2020

The Serials For April and May - Science Fiction and Fantasy Stories!

I've doubled down on writing during this period of social distancing. I love writing, and I'm happy to use it as an escape as I write two novels at the same time.

One is the latest Spinward Fringe book: Pursuit. The focus is back on futuristic exploration and adventure as characters old and new face interesting challenges.
Here's the link to the index with several free chapters:

The other is NEM: Awakening, an experimental fantasy novel about a man who gets sucked from our time into a fantasy world. The ways that this connects to Brightwill and Highshield are subtle, but they're there, watch for them and please give me your feedback on the overall experience if you have time.
Here's a link to the index which features many free chapters.

I hope I can entertain you a little while you're cooped up or stressed out. If the above links aren't enough, many of my books are still free and the rest are discounted right now at Smashwords. You can find the full list here:


Friday, April 3, 2020

The Authors Give Back Sale - All My Words Are Cheaper (But Not Cheapened)

Hey, everybody! I just want to let you know that all my titles are on sale on Smashwords right now. I also have two books coming out in the first half of the year, so if you want an alert as to when they come out or go up for preorder, please click on the 'Subscribe to Author Alerts' button then (if you like), the 'Favorite' button. Smashwords is my favourite retailer because they're nice to authors, readers, give us the most flexibility and I can offer formats that work on all modern readers including Kindle. Anyway, check out the sale and click buttons if you like, thank you for your time!