Sunday, March 29, 2020

NEM: Awakening has begun!

As isolating became the wise thing to do in Canada, where I'm from, and most other places across the globe, I realized I'd have some extra time on my hands. So I'm writing something new while I work on the next Spinward Fringe novel.

I've wanted to write a project in first person again for a couple of years, but I wanted to start with something new. At the same time I didn't want to leave a lot of the work I'd done for Brightwill and Highshield to sit idle, so I decided that I'd write NEM: Awakening.

In its own way, NEM takes place in the same universe as my other fantasy novels, only it's also stitched to our reality, because it's about a man named Grant who gets pulled from our world into those fantastic places.
This novel is an experiment. Partially written to entertain myself and everyone who is stuck at home for the next few weeks (or more?), but also a way for me to stretch my imagination in a new direction while excercising my first person perspective writing muscles.

Since it's an experiment that's being serialized on my Patreon page, the book is open to a few interesting ideas, like giving you guys the power to choose what happens at one or more points in the story. It's not quite like choose your own adventure, but your votes will determine which path the main character takes at least twice before the whole book is posted. There are no wrong choices, but certain roads could lead to the demise of one or more likeable characters along the way. The stakes are real, or as real as they can get in fiction, and the results will make it into the final draft of the novel.

When the whole book has been serialized on Patreon I'll ask the ultimate question of my subscribers: Do you want more?

So, I'm happy to invite you to read NEM: Awakening. The first few chapters are already open to the public with many more to come. Click here to go straight to the index page.

Tuesday, March 10, 2020

Spinward Fringe Rebel Will Be Released On March 21, 2020

That's right, the release date is being moved up by months, since this book was finished on time and is already in the hands of some Patreon Subscribers. They had the pleasure of reading two chapters a week as a serial until the book was completed a couple weeks ago.

On March 21, 2020, the full EBook will be available everywhere quality ebooks are sold. You can already preorder the book everywhere to make sure you have a copy as soon as possible. (Except for Amazon, who will have the book on the 21st, there just isn't a way to preorder it through them).

Spinward Fringe: Rebel takes the series back to its roots, offering minute by minute action while exploring what makes the characters tick. It's an action packed adventure that brings storylines, characters and enemies together in an epic conflict.

You can preorder here:
APPLE BOOKS (iBookstore or iTunes)

I hope you enjoy the ride!

- RL