Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Cafepress Spinward Fringe Store Launch

After checking with many local T-Shirt & other product producers in Ontario and weighing the pros and cons of having piles of product in my home, I finally came to the decision to use Cafepress for the bulk of the clothing. There have been several local companies who were happy to tell me that they'd beat whatever I could find online for price and quality, I've found that something always suffered - and they do business as if it was 1970.

Cafepress will be able to offer a basic variety of objects to get the store started, and their prices aren't as high as many of the other online store hosts, especially with only a 10% markup.

Here's what Cafepress will be handling for me:

  • T-Shirts and other basic clothing.
  • Drinking supplies.
  • iPod, iPhone, iPad cases.
  • Bags.
  • Stickers and other miscellany.
The 10% markup will provide funds for my production company which is responsible for bringing Spinward Fringe into other forms of media. There's a five year plan to bring Spinward Fringe to life in the form of a Web or Television series if someone doesn't make an offer worth taking. When I say an offer worth taking, I mean an offer which allows Spinward Fringe to be everything it can be as a series and give it a fair chance to find an audience.

Pipe dream? Maybe. That's why there's a five year plan to get things ready so I can do something myself. The store is part of that plan.

I encourage all of you to do a search for coupons before buying in the Cafepress store. Here are a couple that are valid as of this month:
  • Save $10.00 when ordering $50.00 or more: DAD50
  • Get $5.00 off when ordering $75.00 or more: GREAT
  • Get $10.00 off when ordering $100.00 or more: FAB
What's good in the Cafepress store? I suggest the pint glasses (this design looks really good when full), ceramic travel mug or Triton Crew Shirt.

T-Shirts from the store are going out to the draw winners on Thursday!

There is another store in development that will carry buttons, books, specially made prop items, patches and other objects. Development of the buttons completed today, and the final edit of Spinward Fringe Broadcast 0: Origins will be finished shortly.



Anonymous said...

I'd love to see a bracer that a smart phone can clip to there for converting it to a C&C unit

Anonymous said...

lookey-lookey... I bet the NorthrupG guys have been reading some Spinward Fringe :-)


kane said...

how about some patches of the triton logo i could sow on my bike jacket ^_^

Randolph Lalonde said...

Patches are actually proving to be a little more difficult to do, but they're definitely going to happen before the end of the summer. They just have to happen.