Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Progress Report: The Expendable Few & Broadcast 7: Framework

Chapters of Spinward Fringe: Expendable Few stopped being sent to test readers weeks ago when the novel had to be re-developed. That sounds like a negative thing, like I'm saying that the book ran into big problems. That isn't the case here.

Everything the test readers and what people read on the leak thread remains the same. A very large chunk of the book is finished, and other than a last polish, it doesn't need any work. The rest is being written, things are coming together in more interesting ways than were originally planned.

That's what failed here, the original plan. Expendable Few could have been a nice, short trip that explained a few things about what has been going on in the background with Freeground as well as a few characters that have been running around between Broadcasts. At this point the story is gotten a little broader and, while it does fulfill the original goals, it also tells a better tale.

The connection the Expendable Few makes to Broadcasts 6-8 is much stronger than originally planned as well. At the same time, if someone were to forget to read this book and just read all the Broadcasts, then they wouldn't lack crucial information. Expendable Few is a side trip that pays dividends. That book is currently over 55,000 words long and will end up being a little over novella length.

That brings me to my next important update: The status of Spinward Fringe Broadcast 7: Framework. The development of this novel is ongoing, and I'm very happy with how things are turning out. The current manuscript is about 120,000 words long. I expect that there is about 30% - 40% left to write, and finishing Expendable Few will help a great deal in developing the last portion of the book properly. The ending is looking good so far, and so does the story behind Broadcast 8.

How closely are the books connected? I suggest everyone read Expendable Few before reading Broadcast 7. There will be some background there that will enrich the story. Will either book end in a cliffhanger? No.*

There are two other writing projects that are taking some time, but only a few minutes a day. One of them is directly connected to the Spinward Fringe series. I'm not ready to talk about it.

It's times like these that I really appreciate how difficult it is to be a regular reader, especially where series are concerned. Waiting for that next book is a pain. I especially feel that pain with George RR Martin's work. So, when someone asks; "When is Broadcast 7 coming out?" I have real sympathy, but I also work under the knowledge that writing a decent book takes time. Writing the last book in a series (or a major leg of a series), takes much more time. All I have to say about the big WHEN at the moment, is that I'll be able to offer a release date when my work on the final draft is done. I hope it's soon too. I've been working on these two books for a year now. That's a long time to hold in the details of Broadcast 7. Thank you for reading, and thank you for waiting.


*Broadcast 7 will have a firm ending. It will also have the first chapter or two of Broadcast 8.


Anonymous said...

If your not careful, we will have to start treating your soons like soon(tm). Most Eve online players will catch the reference I hope. Waiting for 2 years for content the game developers said would be out "soon" wasn't pretty, but we all still did it.

Regardless, we will still be here. Good things come to those who wait, and lets face it, this series is Epic.

Idea Guy said...

Just about every author I read that has a series going puts out a book a year, so sounds like you are right on track. I just need to find about 26 different series to read so I can take a couple of weeks per book and look forward to the next! At this point I only have 5, including SF, that I am following avidly, and all of those authors seem to have gravitated to releasing books in the late summer to early fall. Makes for a long, long winter!

Mark Kruger said...

So... it's not completely clear from your blog post, but it seems that "expendable few" is a short suppliment with backstory information while we wait for broadcast 7. Is that about right? When will "expendable few" be released? Will it be on Amazon?

KansasKyle said...

I've had the free Origins Spinward Fringe collection for awhile, and I just started it last night. I made it through the first two stories, and this morning I promptly bought the rest of the books in the series!

I'm glad I have some good reading to look forward to before this next installment comes out.

Randolph Lalonde said...

The Expendable Few is more of a stand alone novel (formerly novella), that takes place in the Spinward Fringe universe and easily ties in to Broadcast 7.

There's a better description here:

It'll be available for free on Smashwords, and for $0.99 US everywhere else, including There will also be a version available for the Kindle on Smashwords, if you want to avoid the $0.99 price.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for asking!


jonhpaint said...

For all you youngsters out there who like me are waiting patiently for broadcast 7 to be released, why don't you try a few of the older classic sc fi books by the likes of H G Wells - A E Van Vogt - E R Burroughs etc. I can guarantee that you won't be disappointed or if the language is too archaic for you try L E Modesitt, they all weave seat rivetting stories as does Randolph.

Alex said...

Keep up the good work man. Good writing takes time, and as anyone who has read most or all (I'm on page 900-ish) of the new George RR Martin book can attest, the waiting CAN be worth it. I'm sure you'll do justice to the characters and leave us with a satisfying conclusion... CAN'T WAIT for more Spinward Fringe!!!

Wonk said...

I've never really understood why some people whine so much about delayed release of a book / game / film - it's not like there's not plenty of other media to enjoy whilst waiting for some favorite sequels to surface.

I'm enjoying the Fringe series, so keep up the good work and take your time. I'd rather read a good book tomorrow than a rubbish one today.

Anonymous said...

I just read the entire series in a week in my spare time. Loved it and am dying for more.

Anonymous said...

I just read the entire series in a week in my spare time. Loved it and am dying for more.