Thursday, September 21, 2017

Highshield Release Day!

Since I was a young teenager I wanted to write an epic fantasy novel. I wrote several unpublished books leading up to 2004's Fate Cycle Book I, and while I did see that as being worth publishing at the time, I would later become dissatisfied with the story I created there.

Brightwill was an attempt to tell a big story in a shorter book, one that suggested that the story could continue at the end, but had a whole tale told between those two covers. I'm still pretty happy with that novel, and am happy to offer it for free. In fact, the book that's released today, Highshield, takes place several years before Brightwill, and has some connective tissue with that book. There's even a cameo or two.

This year, I couldn't hold the ideas I had for an epic fantasy novel in anymore, I was working on something else, a much anticipated novel, but kept on getting distracted. So, I sat down and wrote Highshield. It's the beginning of a saga that I'll continue whether it sells 40 copies or 400,000 copies. It features character types I've never explored before, a world I've been dreaming about for twenty years or more, and the right story to start things off. A complete story.

The central story in this novel revolves around three special children, some of whom need to be transported across a politically divided land. They're all resurrected, and they all have a God or Goddess backing them from afar, trusting that their mortal followers will get the job done. That's what it's really about, spiritual, personal and physical journeys across a landscape.

The rough draft of Highshield was published twice weekly on my Patreon page, but this release is different. It's been edited multiple times, new sections have been written, other sections have been re-written, and there's a Guide to the people, and places in the book along with some extra history. This release is very special to me.

I hope you enjoy it while I'm busy working on Spinward Fringe, which will start putting releases out as early as next month. Watch this space this Sunday for more news on that.

For now, here's where you can find Highshield:

Amazon (Paperback is also available here)
Apple iBooks
Barnes & Noble

Many other book stores are carrying it as well. If your library supports Ebooks, they may be able to order it in for you for a discounted price. Thank you to the people who support me no matter what I'm writing, this is becoming a great year thanks to you.


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